Simple command card UI adjust for great accessbility improve

Dear Devs,

This is a very easy proposal that could help remove one of the accessibility barriers for new players, without any impact on others.

To remember the new Hotkeys is not a hard challenge for experienced players, but still annoying for newcomers. Especially, when we have a lot of Co-op commanders and also mods and arcade maps which bring new Units and abilities.

Using the Grid hotkey is a good way, however, the current Grid solution is very hard to use because the layout of the command card is very against the player’s habit from the standard hotkey.

Then came up with my solution which is only to modify the command card layout, in a way that the Grid hotkey could be close to the habit of using the Standard hotkey as much as possible.

Here are examples to show you the idea:
Relocate the Attack to the position of A, then also the Stop command can fit. Relocate the primary abilities to QWERT
For the Buildings, it will work as it was, just need to relocate ‘A’ and ‘S’ for the buildings that can attack.
For workers, it’s interesting to relocate the build key to the right to keep using ‘B’ and ‘V’.

Remember, all these changes are only for relocating the icons in the command card UI, with no impact on regular gameplay, if the player using Standard or their own custom hotkey, it is all the same as before (Just has an altered visual for the icons UI position):

there is no development for the game any more. your out of luck and about 5 years too late.

You can change what location in the command card is what key.

For this, just changing the grid from




would be mostly equivalent?

I do agree with reordering the build keys and stuff, that would be nice; but it would also be nice to move… basically every single spell around at that point, and I think it would be better/higher priority to bring Tychus’ co-op unified ability command card over - just being able to cast abilities without tabbing.