Signaling purposely offending players: Nano

I got him! This is the third time I encounter that player on coop with random players. I passed on the first time, I passed on the second, and he does that again on purpose, so I got him now on the third time. He doesn’t play on higher difficulty, he plays on lower difficulty with the purpose for offending other people. That game started and i usually welcome random players, and i save abilities for helping them in case of unlucky situation. I have 100 friends online from random people encountered which they accepted my friendship because of my helping in the games. So in this case at the middle of the game, everything is fine, no problem at all, and he asks nonsense question ‘‘what would you do with no CDs?’’. I genuinely respond ‘‘what are CDs?’’ He sais ‘‘Calls Downs’’. Those are abilities for the game, you have to use them, also he was using Abathur that has that auto-regeneration ability. Every Characters have theirs. So I arrive at the last spot, i wipe out the upper enemy base (the hardest), and he calls me ‘‘WORTHLESS’’.
I’m not you brother Nano, you are on a open community and you play on lower level to insult people. This is the third time, i got you now Nano. I don’t care if you are on level 1000 and you don’t play higher level on purpose. You are a danger for everyone here.
Why would you play online coop if you don’t like other players? Go play with your friends ad insult THEM (if you are brave anough).

Do you have a replay to prove?
People can’t know whether you are telling the truth or fabricating it without concrete evidence.

Personally I don’t know how to find a particular player and play with him. Besides how do I know if he is there or exist at all? You have to give evidence otherwise people will think you are trolling.

Besides from your perspective writing a report and not submitting evidence is a bad idea.
What if he already saw this post and have started to played decently with other players? That would prove you wrong because he may actually have evidence to prove it and make you a troll.

Ps. This actually isn’t a huge deal just ignore it and let it go.
I may sound like a hypocrite for asking for evidence but lot of us just ignore this problem. And I am telling you that in reality people reporting without evidence is shamed in any forum.

would i write something wrong, not true? Go play with him and try it for yourself (thanks for the reply tho).

I think you missed the point in that:

  1. You are accusing this dude of bad attitude, so it is an “innocent until proven guilty” situation.
  2. I don’t think you are lying. Your frustration is shared by everyone who plays coop. So even if you did prove it, nothing will change at all.
  3. Just for reference, you are not the first and won’t be the last to post just to complain about an unpleasant experience.

My suggestion is that now you know you don’t like to play this guy, simply quit and restart if you match up again.

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I don’t know if he’s here meaning on this site/forum, but it would be bad for him. He would be easily spotted. If he’s playing ‘‘right’’ from now, that would be nice, but from that nonsense question ‘‘what would you do with no Cool Downs’’ and that bad behaviour, i don’t think anytime soon.
Simply go play coop with random people and you’'ll encounter him.
I usually record games with low level players, and i assist them on their gameplay. I don’t record high level players, they don’t give problems, this is the third time ONLY with him, i remember his name. I played with random matches and if that matches me three times on few days, meaning he’s playing random matches aswell. In a match where everything is fine and I destroy even the last base (even if it’s not an ‘‘objective’’ on the Malwarfare mission, just to be sure). He should play above the Brutal. Instead he goes on lower levels and complains. Repeately. Nonsense.
I reported him first, so if he filthly trolls me, it would be an even more evidence of his fault.

I think you’re missing the point of the replies you’ve received. Upload your replay to and put the ref link here.

As others have said, many ppl have bad experiences with some allies. You can use the “report player” option from in-game (not that blizz does anything about it). You can also choose to “block player” (though, I’m not sure if that only blocks chat or also blocks matchmaking, I hope both).

PS. When you go to your replays, your ally’s names are listed on the side, so you can upload all 3 if you want.

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