Should any other units get a resized model?

Purely for gameplay purposes that is. What about thors? They seem to have many similar issues that ultralisks did. It can be tricky to navigate those things in tight spaces. Especially because they are even slower then Ultralisks.

thors are the only other unit that could use resize.

How can thors have the same problem as Ultralisk, if they are ranged units with one of the highest ranges?

Have you ever seen them try to navigate around a forest of supply depots, barracks and siege tanks?

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I dont play terran but i play teams and when your team mates try to navigate those damn things is bad. I dont think it would make much difference either on the attacking end, cause they are ranged, but when your trying to navigate your base with them the durp out on everything. Their right on par with the ultras if not more clunkier. The reason why the ultras got the size reduction tho is mainly for the attack purps as they would get hung up on building and mineral lines trying to attack the units. If they reduce the size of the thor by a lil bit that would definatly help with there movements though their bases. It would however making attacking into a terran that much harder as they would be more able to move through structures and get at you, so there is that. Might make them a bit op in the terran turtle defence strat that most terrans do, and drag out the games even longer.


Yea. Although it is worth noting that the ultralisk size reduction is a buff to ultralisks. If both these units were buffed then maybe protoss might need some kind of buff? However all of their units to me at least seem to be the right size for gameplay. I am not even sure the observer buff was necessary. And colossi can walk over cliffs.

Standard range is about 5/6. Thors do have 1 more than that, but they are large enough that groups of them still have trouble getting into range to attack against other 5/6 ranged ground units. It’s not a “big” issue, but it is definitely a noticeable one if you play mech.

7 more? Their air range is up to 11. Comparing with ultralisks, which are MELEE, it is much better.

Ultralisks are faster though. Especially with the speed upgrade. It can be kind of a problem getting a bunch of thors through areas with dense buildings.

I was talking about ground, although this does still apply in edge cases against Brood Lords or Tempests specifically.

Anyway, it is a good reason not to mass Thors.