Serral has 1 over half of the Premiere Zerg wins since 2018

24 wins out of 54 tournaments. That is absolutely insane. In comparison in the same time Reynor has won 10, Rogue has won 7, and Dark has won 6. Comparatively Terrans best Maru is at 13 wins (Granted nearly all of these are for the highest skilled Tournament possible, GSL) followed by 5 wins by Clem. With Protoss we have Trap with 6 wins followed by Neeb/Zest/Stats/Classic all tied with 3.

I really wonder what would have happened in sc1 if one player dominated the scene. Surely we would have nerfed the race they played to the ground like we do in sc2 right? Oh wait…Flash blows all these players out of the water in terms of Premiere tournament wins and not a single nerf was given to Terran, the race he mained. INTERESTING. Almost like they knew balancing a game around the best player is a crock of horse sh**.

24/54 = 0.444444444

Meaning roughly 44%.
This is not over half of the premier zerg wins.

But hey…you still use fungal to scout?

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You still stuck in gold league? Also thanks for reminding me you were dumb enough to fall for that bait, twice now. Realize yet that Zerg still only has one unit to scout for them?

Hey fun fact, they actually did nerf Terran by making the maps so horrendously bad for terrans that Flash was the only player capable of keeping up with the other races. Also, patching games back then wasn’t really a thing.

So not only is your information wrong, but your conclusion is BS for multiple reasons! Congratulations, you played yourself.


Correcting your stupidity is not “falling for bait”. Fungal simply isn’t a scouting ability. Neither is Storm, EMP, AAM, the defunct Seeker Missiles ability, Parasitic Bomb, etc.


Holy sheet its crazy how dense you are.

You mean like Flash?

You should read the rest of the post…

“Zerg wins” means “where a zerg player won the tournament” does it? You misread what he said.

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Yes. I think he means 54 tournies between 2018 and 2023 were won by zerg. And out of 54 of those zerg wins, serral was 24 times the zerg who got the win.24/54…

In total we got way more premier tournies than 54 tournies between 2018 and 2023, so it makes sense that “only” 54 were won by zerg. I count 16 premiers alone in 2018 so if i multiply it with 6 it equals 96 tourniers approx. Didnt count cos im lazy, but zerg winning 50% of the torunies was often times stated. So we got like 100+ premier tournies between 2018 and 2023.

In other words: serral won nearly 25% of ALL premier tournies.

He even acknowledged he stated something wrong, only to bait people.

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Only to bait you and your alt TerranicII, I had a good laugh after you both raged on me about fungal only to prove my point that Zerg has the weakest scouting out of all 3 races. lol

I mean this is a bait too but ill bite it.

Calling the literal maphack race the race with the weakest scouting :smiley:


Man it must suck to have two braincells. Scouting is only important when you are flying through your opponents base and can see tech structures and army. Creep is not going to give you any scouting information other than an army coming and you can easily clear it. The map hack race is Terran. They literally can scan anywhere on the map and do so every 10 seconds in the late game because of the CC bank.

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I am NOT falling for another bait.

Oh man this is great, the only bait you dont fall for is where there was none.

  • Creep provides the most vision of any scouting mechanic.
  • Zerg has some of the game’s fastest units (Zerglings, Mutalisks, etc).
  • Zerg’s supply units (both as Overlords and Overseers) can easily be spread out to help provide vision across the map.
  • Overseers themselves are the best detector (speed, health, availability, etc), they have the mobility to scout very effectively themselves, and they have changelings to scout further with little risk.

Good thing you have both Overlords and Overseers for that isn’t it? You are still wrong though.

Scouting expansions can also give you a good idea when/if an attack is coming. Zerg can also pretty much mass anything as long as they have one of the right structures built, so while scouting a structure in the enemy base may be the signal to make a particular tech structure, you can still often get away with waiting until the enemy moves out to start your army.

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I wonder why you take the time to answer him at all with arguments and facts, when it is pretty clear that he is so deep in his opinion, that only his opinion is the only truth at all and everybody else is just a lier, bad or part of a conspiracy?


My dude every map has ledges for your supply depots to see every map move out for the first 6-8 minutes of the game… What in the hell are you smoking?

This is like me saying “Oh, man. Terran has just the hardest decisions to make. I never know if I should make SCVs or Marines.”

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There’s a really cool new upgrade they released back in 1998, it makes your flying supply depots move like the wind makes it impossible for anyone hide anything from a Zerg. You can be forgiven for not noticing since it’s only been around 25 years.


With all due respect (none) - how the hell did you make masters when you are so clearly wrong about everything and anything to do with this game?