Season 4 Maps what is your opinion? Which ones to veto?

I would like to hear your thoughts on the season 4 map pool. I like this map pool better than the previous. But I don’t like Radhuset Station LE, I think that map is a bit weird, so I think I’ll veto it.

And I’m considering which two other maps to veto. I generally think there are some good maps, so it’s kind of difficult to decide which to veto. I play Protoss by the way.

Which maps do you have as a veto? and why?

its the same map pool since the update, nothing has changed.

Yes I am well aware that those maps have been there for some time. We got the update a little late here in Europe. And I still haven’t decided which ones I’m going to veto.

the update all came out on the same day, you didnt get nothing late. nice try tho.

We got the patch here in Europe in October. I don’t remember the exact date only that it was late. Enough about that. Please make your next comment on the topic.

ooohhhh a wopping 4 days later. lmao your such a clown.

And you are a troll. Get a life.

how is calling you out for being wrong a troll? seriously are you that demented? your the one who made the post claiming theres new maps this season, when infact there isnt. You then cried saying europe got the maps late, which again a whopping 4 days. Also these maps have been out on ptr for over three months now. Top it off you made a brand new post when theres atleast 5 others with the same topic since the maps went live. Pretty pointless to make another post about it when you yourself could of just went to one of the other multiple post and replied to them, or just read them to get your answer. Sorry your rear end is hurting cause you cant take the heat.

Map pool is fine. There’s definitely a couple vetoes, and I’m glad some of the old maps that they were suggesting didn’t go in. Radhurst in particular I loathe. but most of the 1v1 maps are pretty decent all things considered.

Team maps are a complete sh!t-show from the word go since they’re all old maps that are being reused instead of TLMC maps. Half of them haven’t been QA’d either and it shows - Snowy Mesa is particularly bad for several reasons.

EU really did get the update later. It was strange how long the delay was. IIRC it was almost half way through October before they got it. NA had the update for a couple weeks minimum before EU got the update.

Either way, they’re both on the same patch now.

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yep came out a whole wopping 4 days later, this dude is trying to make it like it was a week or two. the updates hit on september 29 for na, and october 2 for eu,ka

The dude was not even talking about the update, only said they got it a little late bc you brought it up. Guy said he likes this map pool more than the last and you’re finding ways to get heated about nothing.

Map pool is good imo. Radhuset is weird, but I like that it’s a throwback to King Sejong. It’s also only one of nine now. I don’t veto any maps, personally.

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Fact 1- The title of his post is season 4 maps, implying the maps have changed this season, which they havent, there the same maps since the update, and i was pointing that out.
Fact 2- He said they got the update a little late, again implying that it was some big amount of time that eu didnt get the update for, when infact it was only 4 days later. 4 days is not a big deal being that these maps have been out now for almost 2 months now on the main line, but they have also been in preview mode in the ptr for an additional month and half, with the exception of team games maps which were changed for the latest update, but are old maps from previous updates.
Fact 3- He thinks im a troll cause i constantly correct him with facts all the time, so yes i will keep doing it every chance i get cause its funny and fun for me to do so cause he gets so mad about it.

Edit: Fact 4- there are already atleast ten other threads open right now about the maps since the update, he did not need to go out and make another when he could of simply replied to one of the others.

The PTR had some (most) of these maps, not all of them. They replaced one or two of them because they were poorly received.

That said, why does any of this matter? He’s literally asking what we think of the maps, regardless of how long they’ve been out, and what people veto when they play.


facts stated in previous reply miro, also again i love correcting this guy, he gets so mad when i do, then flips out and calls me a troll for presenting facts. Hes like a low level ghost hydra, and you know exactly what i mean when i say that name. Also where is mr hydra lately havent seen him post in some time. Maybe he got banned as well.

No I don´t really care about your stupid comments write whatever you like you are back on ignore