SCII on MacBook?

Hi guys,
Im playing SC II on my gaming laptop (i7-7500U, GTX 950M and 8Gb DDR4, oldies but goldies) but I am thinking about changing it to Mac. I graduated now so I would like to cut off playing games (heh… in 20s and still playing games xD) but I would like to run a SCII on it.

So my question is if someone is playing SCII on Macbook and if yes, how does it perform?

Thanks for your answers.

I saw video on new M1 chip… but idk, mac isnt for gaming, and dont buy Intel mac - apple will support it maybe 5 more years and thats it

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Notghing wrong with that, I personally know people with family/childs, and even a grandfather who plays games.Once you are mature enough you will understand that games is just another hobby like any other, only problem is if you leave important things (job/obligations) in favour to gaming.


I used to play on a mac until recently, and it plays great! you will just need to get used or change the cmnd fn buttons for control groups. Other than that you should be able to run it with no problems on medium settings at least. Dont know if you can get a mac without a touch bar though since that would be annoying for camera hotkeys.

Don’t listen to the pc fanatics nay sayers.

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I’ve heard that not only is it possible to play SC2 on Mac, it’s also possible to hit high GM purely on touchpad.

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Thanks guys so much for your answers. I really appreciate your effort to help me.

I am very glad that SCII can be played on MacBook. I haven’t got enough skill and even time to become GM. So I would be happy if it let me play some rankeds time to time or a campaign to fill some missing achievments. Or some COOP which I kinda like now.

My Gf truely wouldn’t be so happy about that. :grinning: (just fun :grinning:)

Type into google: Gaming on macbook meme. You will see how its possible :sweat_smile:

I am playing (or used to…) on a 27" 2012 iMac and runs pretty much flawlessly with the highest settings. The only slowdown I have ever experienced is rolling a crapton of banes into something. However, I still played it on Bootcamp due to the mouse acceleration on mac which I couldn’t fully disable… ever. (ridiculous) That you can’t do anymore if you get a new apple machine with M1.

Why u suffer complexes mate? I work n play and make games n still can find time to date. Let’s go to Italy… meet Maria : )))

It’s a waste of time if ur an old fashioned person like maybe u hear it from a parent. Games like sc2 helped my reflexes irl. I even caught an old man falling to not fall w his face.

Probably wasn’t the reflexes but the fact you checked the dude on time and noticed something wrong, at least in my case games improved my perception of things, always checking the environment, I played CS:GO for more than 1k hours and I noticed my sight efficiency got improved a lot, I could check for incoming vehicles or threats without realizing it, also it made me find many stuff around home pretty fast, I always I’m the one who finds the stuff because I can check things fast.

Well, I don’t have complexes about playing games. :-))

I just wanted to move further but remain a SC player. And of course… any good sci-fi game with nice immersive story… like Mass Effect was. So I want my “working” PC ready for those games. And since there is only SC good I focus on SC.

But I like the discussion which apperead here. Thanks a lot to everybody contributing.