SC2 story did protoss attack xelnaga?

Not that familiar with SC1 storyline but wasn’t both the protoss and the zerg modified by the xelnaga?
I seem to recall that both attacked the xelnaga, now it’s just the zerg?

So if Amon had not intervened would the protoss and zerg eventually gain their psionic ability on their own? Spoilers are fine.

I think yes, the Protoss attacked the Xel’Naga thats why they went to the Zerg and sped up their evolution process.

The Infinite Cycle was designed so that the Zerg (Purity of Essence) and Protoss (Purity of Form) would eventually meet, get the keystone, and ascend as the new Xel’Naga. This has been a cycle for who knows how many millennia and it so happens that we are caught with the story and bloodbath known as StarCraft.

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Yeah, but we don’t know if that’s still canon. The reveal in Leagacy of the Void kind of mess that up. (I’m not sure if the original poster finish all the campaign, so I try to avoid spoiler.)

Im not aware of anything that has made it non-canon. In the physical plane at least, Xel’naga are as mortal as any other living thing and can be killed just as easily, if you can get close enough to them to do it.

Certainly the racial abandonment issues still persist even in post LoV works.


Yes, both the Protoss and the Zerg attacked the Xel’Naga, but different factions of them.

Amon hated his own species and the Infinite Cycle and sought to end/corrupt it. After the Xel’Naga seeded the galaxy with life and went to slumber in Ulnaar to await the Races that represented Form and Essence to find them, Amon and his followers scoured the galaxy for the Race that represented Purity of Form.

It was Amon and his followers who uplifted the Protoss, and whom the primitive Protoss rebelled against and drove from Aiur, causing the Aeon of Strife.

Amon’s forces then searched for and found the Zerg, who represented Purity of Essence. While they were uplifting them, the Protoss ultimately re-established their primal psychic bond, which woke the Xel’Naga from their slumber.

The Xel’Naga then learned about Amon’s betrayal and went to war against him at Zerus. Amon unleased the Zerg and his own forces against the greater whole of the Xel’Naga, and Amon himself was “killed” and banished back into the Void during this conflict.

The Overmind, having killed/absorbed most of the Xel’Naga (not Amon’s forces), then set out to find the Protoss.

The lore does conflict on the Overmind’s purpose though. Sometimes, it states the Zerg were meant to wipe the Protoss out, other times it states that the Zerg were meant to infest the Protoss. Given that Infestation of the Protoss is not conventionally possible, I lean towards wiping out being the correct reason since, in-game, we never once see the Zerg even try to Infest them.

There is one thing weird about this lore, though. Amon took the Tal’darim with him and that should be everything he needed from the Protoss. So why just left and let them live in peace? He doesn’t seem that kind of God to me. Out of petty, he should wipe the primitive Protoss out right then and there. Once he stop worshipping him and rebel. I believe there is something retcon here. The Protoss might never really rebel or anything. Amon just done took the Tal’darim, which is all he needed, and left.

But then again, this is Amon… He left Ouros alive after all…

So did the protoss attack Amon only or all the xelnaga?

Also, @Spirit were the non taldarim protoss powerful enough to make erraticating them annoying?

Amon is a Xel’Naga. Anyway, I think what you mean is which faction. The Amon’s is the only faction that ever visit Aiur. The other faction is taking a nap at Ulnar. The Protoss can’t attack them.

Not sure what you mean here.

Eradicating - destroying them.

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That’s the other reason I lean towards the Zerg being meant to wipe the Khalai out, not infest them.

And he didn’t. Amon raised them to be the violent and obedient culture we saw in-game. He also promised that they would “ascend” and become Hybrid, which means he did plan to use them and essentially wipe them out once their usefulness was done.

The Khalai (the Protoss of Aiur) only attacked Amon. Prior to encountering Ouros at the end of StarCraft II, they had never encountered a Xel’Naga before who wasn’t part of Amon’s faction.

Ultimately, yes.

Yeah, but if he wanted to do that, he should just do it right then and there…

Maybe he wanted to keep them alive for a time in case he needed them for his Hybrid or something. Who knows.

A fail safe, huh? Well, it makes more sense than leaving Ouros alive, anyway.

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