SC2 Coop commander reset back to 5

I was playing SC2 in coop to get the 3rd prestige on every commander.
I quit the game and later got in again, but suddenly all my commanders were at level 5 instead of 15 (I got in order from Raynor to Stukov already at level 15 with the 3rd prestige unlocked), it appears that I still have the 3rd prestige.


Same issue happens to me as well

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yeah same here most people in coop chat are talking about it actually

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Same issue for me as well.

to be exact though every one of my commanders are at lvl 5 except the one I haven’t leveled to level 5

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Deleting Cache didn’t work. Oh well. Will be fixed next sc2 patch, lol.

All of arcade down too

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I have the same issue too.

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Same issue here. What did Blizz do?

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From what I’ve been reading in the forum, this happens from time to time, and there is no way to fix it if it happens to your account. But I hope they look into the issue to avoid it.

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i also have the same issue

The issue is fixed for me now.

How did you fix it? did you contact support?

No, I logged in after a while and my progress was back. I didn’t do anything other than post here.

I agree, I did the same and now I am back at having my progress the way it was.
Maybe the solution is to stop playing and do not play more games to not overwrite the progress.

The caching system just get drunk sometimes.
While a game is loading, quickly switch to the skins tab.
After the game, you will (probably) see there’s no alternative skin for “infested terran”, “admiral horner” and I don’t remember the rest, but things sure load in a weird way, no wonder there are bugs. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: What's the most brain blasting discovery you've made in co-op? - #362 by Undead-2724 is what I’m talking about

Dunno but in the lobby interfaces my level always seems to show as 5, but when I start the game, on the loading screen I see my actual level. Is it like that for you guys?