SC2 Arcade Map Review player name reference crasher

I’m a custom sc2 arcade mapmaker, and recently I’ve been noticing on some maps, whenever I go to the reviews section, my client immediately crashes. I don’t know how many maps this has happened on, but one I know for sure is a map called Crash RPG Maximum by DuckyTheDuck. It was a result from a player named Grusader, who’s map review references a player name.

hopefully this can get fixed soon, as it can be easily abusable in ways we don’t know how, which could lead to the capacity to crash several of other player’s clients if someone does that in a game where it converts xml text into an actual xml value.
luckily, it doesn’t work in arcade chat unless you right click the message to copy and paste it.

for safety purposes, I want to avoid putting in the text that is used to do so, as to not spread the information of being able to cause this client crasher any further, but if someone who is able to fix this comes back to it and requires it, i’ll gladly give it


For reference, Grusader’s info is:
Handle ID: 1-S2-1-12228115
Profile Link: battlenet://starcraft/profile/1/18017028622900002816

The game also crashes if you go to his profile, and check out his reviews.

Some update on this information.
You cannot crash an on-going lobby in-game with this, as it’ll just output the name of the player depending on the number 0-15 you input.

However, there are more maps that have this, as when you scroll down in Nexus Coop, Direct Strike, and most PARASITE games, your client will crash from one of the reviews that has the client crasher present within them.

The way the crasher works is that it attempts to reference a player’s name by using a number, while outside of the game, as in-game the player has a # that corresponds to them, which means its trying to reference something that doesn’t exist, which probably caused it to crash.

for example, if i used the number 1, and i played a single player game, it’d reference my sc2 IGN (Zerakim), however, there are no player numbers attributed to anyone “outside” of a game, which is why it apparently crashes when it tries to do so.

It’s already spread fairly rapidly, and I’m afraid that soon, most players won’t be able to check the reviews of most games anymore because of this client crasher.

A possible solutions that I can foresee would be to just remove the ability of xml formatting altogether, disabling color, font, and img capabilities within reviews (which is very unfortunate for me, as if you’re active on SC2, you’ll know me to be a reviewer that uses this a whole lot, with me being Zerakim)

or, maybe idk, maybe just make it so that it you can’t use data references in reviews?

as of right now, people have been making new accounts to review maps with this client crasher simply because they can, and it really ruins things for other players and mapmakers who want to see the reviews on their map/mod.

there has been a case of someone who has used this client crasher, and has been able to revert it by removing their review.
the way they fixed this was quote: “managed to fix the review i left on Brauchen that crashed sc2 >> … ended up using UI editor in a test map to force the map review dialog open while in match …”

For context, an sc2 arcade map called “Brauchen Wight” by Broot had this issue, before the person using the client crasher had fixed it by doing the aforementioned actions.

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