SC Game & Media ideas…

Now with Blizzcon over and basically nothing happening with StarCraft IP, I felt like putting my .02 cents into the ring for visibility and who knows, maybe something cool could become of it.

Game Ideas

  • Tactical Turn Based Strategy
    I think a game with the XCOM style of tactical gameplay would be an interesting game to explore new stories in StarCraft and not terribly complicated to create.
  • Action Adventure Role-Playing-Game
    I think a game like Cyberpunk 2077 with I would prefer a 3rd person view (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is another good game that comes to mind) would be a great game to explore the StarCraft mythos.
    • It can start as a small self contained city and future expansions or sequels can open up the greater areas like the recent Batman Arkham Asylum and its sequels did.
    • It can take place on a city planet like Korhal with additional areas to explore with DLC or sequels to other planets involving the Zerg like Char and the Protoss like Aiur.
    • Perhaps add spaceship type of gameplay and management like Eve Online and even add in survival game type elements so you really have to work to gain the ability to travel and maintain proper provisions and equipment.
    • A lot has already been explored with StarCraft Ghost in the past and I was saddened to never get the experience to explore the StarCraft world first hand but still have hope that one day a game will exist that will deliver just that experience.
  • Shooter type game
    Can go the route similar to the Alien vs Predator games where you can have each type of species Being Human/Terran, Protoss and Zerg to choose from for your battle type style.
  • Spaceship flight action
    A game where you control a spaceship or fleets of ships (or both) where you dog fight with other ships similarly to a childhood game I liked which was Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or Starfox.
  • Survival game like Among Us
    A quick little psychological driven survival game you play with friends to find out who the imposter is or other similar type survival type games like Dead by Daylight.
  • An action Beat-em-up
    Side scrolling game when you beat up enemies.
    • Heck could be a mini arcade game you play within SC2.
  • Hack and Slash game
    Like Darksiders 2 where it’s a liner story driven for the most part but tells a good interesting story with having a good hook to expand the StarCraft mythos.

Media ideas

  • Short stories
    Using short stories in video format similar to Love Death & Robots can be utilized to explore both popular stories and artistic works.
  • Full length animation series
    Taking what worked well with the short stories in terms of animation style and popular stories/characters and make into a real animation series that explores different aspects of the StarCraft universe similar to Arcane, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and Starwars The Clone Wars.
  • Audio stories
    Audio stories like the Halo series Hunt the Truth set between Halo 4&5 was really good for what it was. I can see many stories using this medium to set up breadcrumbs leading to other more involved media and games.

That’s all that comes to mind for now.
But I think there is so much potential going for the StarCraft Franchise to explore and really create down to earth gritty stories that shown and done right, could really hit on that note of seeing what the StarCraft universe is really like up close instead of exclusively from a strategy game perspective.

We have already explored the Warcraft universe to the point where it’s literally getting repetitive and with D4 and it’s content patches, seems to really be fleshing out it’s world of Sanctuary. But we haven’t really scratched the surface of the StarCraft universe and I think it’s overdue for just that level of development.

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