Rewards After Mastery Level 90

Now, I’ll say upfront that I know this isn’t exactly “fiscally smart” for Blizzard, but I wish all this EXP I’ve been accumulating for nothing had some kind of end goal. Wouldn’t it be nice if every, say 100 (or 150, whatever) mastery levels, you unlock a free commander? It would keep the people losing interest playing at the very least because there would be a reward to look forward to, and might encourage people to buy EXP stim packs if they play enough to unlock two commanders during the month-long duration.

I understand what you are saying, but currently Blizzard is in no position to make such an offer especially when their financial matters are in such dire condition.

Speaking of which, they make patches much less often than before where they did it twice a month or once a month. I understand that their work is slowed by COVID-19, but they don’t announce their future plans anymore, not even a little.
Because they themselves can’t promise something that can easily be underdeveloped or cancelled.

Well, to be fair, this isn’t exactly a recent thing. They’re had years to incentivize levels beyond 90. Obviously that means it’s even less likely that it’ll ever happen, but we can dream.

A good dream that may hopefully become reality… sadly, that is highly unlikely.

You get emotes every 50 lvls

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I think free commander is too much, unless it’s every 250 or 500 levels or so(yep it is a ton of griding, but commanders are their income, can’t unlock them all).

What I think is that coop lacks ascension achievments, say more profile portraits and the images at the loading screen, something to show on arcade or ladder that “oh that one does a lot of coop”. We have the commander achievments, but much less on those ascension levels.

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It’s not too much if it encourages stim pack purchases. I bet a lot would drop $5 on stim packs instead of a commander, since you’re paying $5 not only for a commander, but more levels for emotes, bragging rights (I guess), etc. It’d essentially be $5 to play toward a goal a bit faster and incentivize leveling, which I think appeals to some crowds.

You will be glad to know they already give free achievements, emojis, decals, and portraits for levels over 90.

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… I fear this would reek too much of a mobile game price scheme. Before you know it, they’ll have micro-transactions to compensate :frowning:

As mentioned, every 50 levels starting from lv100, you get an achievement, along with alternating emoticons, and sprays/decals.

I’m aware they do, but that’s not exactly an incentive. Also, I think it’s pretty safe to say the actual people dropping money on commanders are going to do it anyway instead of grinding out months-worth of mastery for a measly $5. This would just an extra bonus. Blizzard saying, you’ve been playing for a long time. Enjoy a free commander on us. 150-200 mastery takes a loooong time to get if you you aren’t grinding constantly. I’ve been playing for over a year and I’m still not 200 total. If someone is going to buy, they’re going to buy.

I think even something like your first free commander at 200, then 500, then 1000 would be enough. Nobody’s crazy enough grind that high solely for the purpose of ‘gaming the system,’ so it wouldn’t interfere with purchases much. It’d just be a milestone reward.

From a business stand point, I don’t agree. I’d rather see a unit skin unlock for each race every so many levels over a whole commander. Or even just an in-game modifier to make your stuff a bit more flashy. I really don’t know.
But a straight up commander for free is a no-go. That’s too much value. Even if I didn’t already own all of the commanders, I’d have 7 almost 8 free commanders. That’s just insane.

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Commanders for free… just not going to happen.
But portriats, decals, banners and maybe skins indeed needed.

Ever since there was “above m90”, there has been this topic.

Ever since there was “above m90”, there has just been cosmetics.

Ever since there was “above m90”, gameplay wise has never made any difference from a power creep perspective… except with each iterations of new commanders.

Point? None, all wishes and hopes in regards to this topic have always been just that… wishes and hopes… nothing more.

I know for the sake of Balance I cant turn Raynor’s marines into Warpigs, but it will be cool if my ascension lvls allow me to alter their appearances.

I don’t care about the Warpig’s stats I just want to have Warpig skin.

hopefully Tosh will being them along with old Mercenary pals (Hopefully with Warhounds and predators).

As a commander? From an arcade? What was the style of gameplay?

Okay, just say yes or no on this. Was it a map by VEGETA? Because I’ve seen playable tosh in that mode.

I’ve recently encounter a “nice-looking” custom Tosh and I can safely state that Tosh having an army with more than >15 (or even >10) units is just completely wrong.

I can’t reveal much otherwise a really long argument could be started because of it.


characters yady yada

Vegata is a Korean map maker who created 3 ~ 4 person Co-op, he created Tosh commander (unofficial).
Well, I have my answer anyhow.

As long as it is not gameplay-affecting im fine with it.

I hate grinds that affect gameplay/balance in RTS and FPS.