Remember publishing settings?

Is there any way to get the editor to remember my publishing settings? Right now, every time I publish, I have to change the name from “Just another StarCraft II map”, change the release type, and choose locked/unlocked. Can I store that information somewhere so I don’t have to keep entering it when I publish?

If you go to Map --> Map Info and set the name of your map there, then when you publish, it should auto-fill the name of your project. From then on, it should remember your publish settings, because it’s just referencing your specifically named map project from the Blizzard database. At least that’s my best understanding of how it works.

Awesome! It complains about my map name not being available until I click “Change name” -> “OK” (without actually changing the name), but at least it remembers the name (and other options). This is much better. Thanks!

Edit: Clicking “Use For All Locales” also makes it happy :man_shrugging:

Edit 2: Oh, I see. I clicked “Copy To All Locales” under “Map Info” and now everything’s OK.

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