Reinstall using the already dowloaded SC2 data folder

Hi, I knew I had a huge reinstall coming up. The part that I dreaded was losing the 100s of GBs of already installed games and their data (as it happened twice before). I bought a portable HDD to hold the install folders of a few of these hefty games that I knew I’d be playing again soon after the reinstall. While I was able to clean install and start the install of SCII just until it has it’s folder structure set, then pause and add my saved data files into the correct folder, but when I restart the install, do a scan and fix. The install wants to download the whole 25gb again. I know I did this once when after a HDD crash with a couple files, but is there a trick to it now or does Blizzard just not want us doing this anymore? Because I honestly don’t feel like another 300gb download again and might just leave these favorites uninstalled until much later, if that’s the case.

Thank you.

Hey FrostCore,

Before doing anything with the launcher, simply copy all the saved game folders to their proper locations. From there, you can use the launcher to “locate” an already installed game. Once the launcher finds it, it should only need to download some minor remaining items.

I’m not at home to check the exact location of the locate function, but iirc, it should be under the “Install” button.

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Thanks for the reply and sorry for my late one. I ended up just going with the full re-download. Although, I did my best to rebuild the folders to their original state, I started getting permission issues and while they’re not too bad I just didn’t feel like bothering.

Just a side question if you get this. How about the integrity of recovered .dat files? Are they missing something that the originals do not? I got away with 4 of my Heroes of the Storm data files being subsumed into the installation. But on the surface and in every other way they seemed just as legit.