Reaching 500k in Lost Vikings

Can anyone tell me how to reach 500k on Lost Vikings as it is the last achievement I don’t have for Wings of Liberty

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Keep holding the fire button, get 2 Plasma cannon upgrades, 2 Drones and collect as many Bombs as you can.

Use Bombs and their shield to get out of dodge.

Grind. Grind.

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On the Terran level, when the 2 Battlecruisers show up, you can just let them live (their projectiles are easy to avoid) and keep destroying Wraiths until you get 500k. That’s how I’ve done it…


Protoss would call that cowardly. Zerg would call that weak.

Terrans would call it smart.

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This achievement was the OG flex back in the day. Shame I never could get it. Also, if you beat the campaign, I don’t think you can go back to it…

You can. Just go to a save file on Hyperion or win first 4 missions on any difficulty.

That’s exactly what I don’t want to do, I think. Restarting… It’s a huge pain. I hit that restart button and I already regret it, because achievement hunting would’ve been so much easier if I had just kept my completed version. It was a long time ago though, I might just restart from the beginning if I ever feel like running campaign again.

If you managed to clear the campaign in normal, played a lot, and pulled many of the crazy stunts you need to get some achievements (including the recent 10th anniversary), then if you use Casual difficulty to get to the mission you want, it may be surprisingly fast and easy.

If you hold down spacebar, it will shoot slower than if you keep pressing it.

But you can use Autohotkey or similar software to emulate the rapid spacebar pressing for you …

If you keep save from after completing the campaign (you can just start any mission from the archives and save it), then you can just reload that to “undo” the restart after you completed the achievement.

I mapped all the keys to an USB version of an XBOX controller. It was quite easy with the controller. Iirc, I made it through nine cycles.


A xbox pc controler can be used!???
How doy do it? Please tell the secret. because the keyboard config for me is a real pain in the but for my fingers.


First I needed drivers for the controller. I suspect microsoft has them somewhere.
Second, I used Joy2key to assign the 6 control keys to any thing on the controller that I wanted. The arrow keys were one of the thumb sticks, attack and bomb were the left and right triggers. It made it SUPER easy. I actually started getting a little bored of it by the 8th/9th cycle.


I just saw my achievement date: 16/09/10.

And then I watched the video clips on how to achieve the achievement.

And I start wondering how the heck did I do it 10 years ago. :thinking:


Won it without any sort of technical or gameplay cheese. This is not that hard, if you put some time into it and use the bombs right.

I used your strategie and it helped. Thank you