Re-Releasing Past War Chest Augments (Portraits, Banners, Sprays, Decals & Emoticons): A Suggestion

I wholeheartedly agree with almost all your statements, but not with no talking about Skins (I personally think it’s related, since they were part of War Chests, and don’t forget there’s a Skin on the list I shared on the original post: The Eidolon Ghost).


Hey Aeon1704, thanks for replying.

It’s good you managed to get most of what you wanted, and I can understand your frustration about the Purifier Building Skin Set. It’s also my favorite Protoss faction, and I kind of got down when I heard no new contents we going to be released (however, remember these skins, alongside Primal, do not count as new contents, since plenty of their Buildings already exist in Co-Op, at least I can tell so about the Purifiers).

Personally, I love the Dominion Special Forces Skins because they have dark grey/black tones (in a similar fashion to many special forces worldwide) with a color option of your own (Teal is my favorite color for Terran, and it matches with Nova’s Covert Ops Crew).


My goal would be to the get all the aforementioned Dominion-Special-Forces-related Augments and contents, plus the Ghost Spray and Ghost Decal.

I’d buy them too right away, and as soon as I have the money for leisure. From my part, I’ll keep on nourishing the thread until there’s some news from their part, either good or bad.

We finally managed to get past 1.K views, and I hope more people get interested and leave a like and/or a comment. That’d really help.


As I mentioned before, I’d rather personally not to comment about the company’s management, and only focus on the Augments.


Thanks everyone for having waited for me, I finally managed to reply everyone about the topic. Wishing to start a healthy/fruitful discussion about the topic with you guys. Anyone’s welcomed to join us, anytime.

Stay safe, and God bless.


Just as a side note (I think someone was talking about this earlier):
For anyone who was only able to partially unlock the War Chest skin set(s) but would still like to complete them, the bundles in the store are dynamically priced. Meaning, if you own some of the skins, the price for the bundle will adjust down to only include the ones you don’t have. And with all bundles being on sale atm, now could be a good time to grab them.


Hey Leviathan. thanks for the interesting bit of information about the Skins.

Do you know when will the discounts for Skin Bundles end? Haven’t heard of a deadline, so I’m assuming these might be permanent (highly unlikely, but not impossible, I guess).




Is there any word on when the Classic Battlecruiser, Classic Carrier, and Classic Ultralisk will be made available for purchase?

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Hey Hyperion, thanks for replying.

Cannot really tell, since I haven’t been playing the game for, at least, 2 months, and as far as I can remember, those Skins are purchasable in-game. If they’re not, there’s no word about when they’d be released, if they’d be released in first place.


Any additional thoughts, anyone? Been busy with college lately, but I’m lucky to get enough spare time for replying.


FİNALLY! İ can reply a forum once again.

When the Patch 5.0.4 released i cant reply any forum until this day. İ hope i can reply next times.

İm coming to my thoughts about new patch. Well im so unhappy because patch doesn’t impressive its just opening warchest 6 skins and consoles and more importantly. Of course they forgotten opening sales of previous War chest items (especially i want Seat of the Highlord and Tal’darim Decal). İ expected they are opening sales to all previous war chest cosmetics and also im suprised bit because since october 15 update but anyway since war chest 6 skins and
consoles opened to sales that make bit confused as well.

When i look our forum this became one of the top forum lists i think. İf this keep up like this maybe unlocking by opening sales including previous war chest cosmetics and Classic skins (locked ones). İ hope this will happens short time later.


Good day everyone my account problem was gone and i can still replying.

İm still on wondering about carbot cosmetic items still on sales and why they didin’t opens the Decals and Banners sales for players to getting buying addintional cosmetics.

İ know that item prices coming to carbot but why blizzard not opening this items to sales for their own?

İm not defying anyone i just asking about my thoughts and my questions


Thanks for replying again dude, good to see you back.

I’m currently busy with tests and projects at college (I’m on mid-terms). I’ll reply most likely on Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for understanding.


İ got another idea but i don’t know how much convincing idea.

When Black Friday comes every War chest cosmetics (including Banners decals and emojis) and Classic skins opens to sales for limited time.

İf this happens i will not miss it.


Hey dude, how’s it going?

Hope the thread keeps flourishing little by little. I asked more family members to support me. Hope they’ll help me, so we can get more Likes. It’ll help a lot so that the text for the number of comments changes to tan.

As always, I’ll keep on commenting and updating the thread, until I see some hints past War Chest Augments will be released.


I’d say it’s mostly due to the measures taken and published on October 15, and because many people on the forums (not all the playing community, obviously) do not care for whatever reason(s) they have.

I’ll still keep commenting and updating the thread though.


Maybe there’s something for Black Friday, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for the release of past War Chest Augments that day.


Due to the recent political crisis where I live, my university gave us a free week, so I can reply to any comment as soon as I notice it. Just wanted to let you all know that.


Just here to help keep it alive! :wink: