Re-Releasing Past War Chest Augments (Portraits, Banners, Sprays, Decals & Emoticons): A Suggestion

Wouldn’t it be great for all of us to enjoy the content we wanted but weren’t able to purchase back in the day from various War Chests?

Think about it, you maybe missed the chance because you were out of money at the time, or perhaps because you were a returning player after many months, or even years. No doubt it’d be great to see all these contents re-released for all the players who couldn’t get them, whatever their reasons.

My suggestion would go towards a sale that may go once or twice a year, where all these contents would be sold, either separately, or as bundles. One idea would be to sell Terran, Protoss and Zerg bundles, or sell War-Chest-themed bundles, where contents tied to an specific War Chest would go on sale. Waiting times for these sales should be enough to create some expectation for players to grab them.

Currently, most, if not all contents from past War Chests were removed from the game, but they still remain visible for all players. This does not make any sense to me, and it even becomes like an unpleasant reminder that plenty of us couldn’t obtain those contents back in the day (for the reasons I mentioned before).

Some may argue that, if said sale(s) would even take place first, their portraits, banners, decals or sprays, would lose their rarity, but I’d told them, that the profits from those sales would help to create plenty more contents available for us all, not to mention the money that would go to host tournaments would really be of help for people who enjoy the competitive aspect of the game (who are the majority, if I’m not mistaken). As I see it, there would be more winners if all these contents would be available for sale.

Thinking about the new possibilities for mixing and making perfect matches with plenty of those portraits, banners, sprays and decals just makes me feel excited, and many people may experience the same, instead of just using the same Augments again and again, all the time. This would make the game a tad more exciting, and it is a step closer to have an immersive experience, like having matching portraits, banners, sprays and decals, alongside future skins released, either or both for units and structures, consoles and announcers.

Finally, I made a list with plenty of portraits, banners, sprays and decals (and even a skin), which I think should be re-released (you can download the list here:

[Update N°1]: Given today’s update note release, which states no more new contents will be released for us to purchase, and that the company will now focus on Race-Balacing and Season Rolls, I feel there’s new hopes for past War Chest contents (Augments) to be re-released (read as, selling or unlocking them), so there’s new income to fill the gap of the now deceased new content sales.

Also, have in mind now that there won’t be any new contents, I think it’d be great to get past Augments, so we don’t just get stuck with the current contents.

I’ll keep replying to anyone interested on the concept, and updating it, if necessary. I’ll have my fingers crossed.

[Update N°2]: Today, a new Patch was released, and one of its features is that now Skin Sets from past War Chests are sold as bundles at discounted prices, which is something nice, honestly. Because of that, I decided to update this thread’s title, so it’s clearer to all readers (saying this because earlier today there was a small confusion about what my thread was). I’ll keep updating it if necessary at some point or another. Thanks all.

TL;DR: Would you like to see past War Chest contents (portraits, banners, sprays, decals, and emoticons) available again, for sale?

Tell us in the comments which additional Augments would you like to see re-released.

Thanks for reading.


Anyone here who also thinks positively about this suggestion?

I know and understand that many, if not most of the players here (amongst those who purchased War Chests), are afraid or losing that sense of ownership of their unique Augments (Portraits, Banners, Sprays and Decals), but I think, at this point, all players should have some way of having access to those contents, the same way it happens with Skins (which are sold some time after their release inside War Chests).

And what a better way of doing so, that by offering sales for said contents, so the earnings can either help host/support Tournaments, or help in the development of future contents (Co-Op Commanders, Consoles, Announcers, Augments, Mission Packs, War Chests, and so on).

I’m saying so, because I regard the decision of the developers of maintaining plenty of these Augments visible, yet not available to get nor unlock in-game by playing (like achieving certain number of wins, and such), as nonsense, since, as I said before, it’s also an unpleasant reminder for many players who weren’t able to grab past War Chests back in the day. If those Augments are still in-game, why not making good use of them offering to all players, who, I’m sure, would be willing to spend their money on.

I consider myself a casual player, since I’m not into Tournaments, or play competitively, but I do enjoy playing with my family some Multiplayer, enjoy unlocking some achievements (to get rewards in-game), and love playing Co-Op, because it offers a different and exciting experience from the ubiquitous Multiplayer matches. I cannot tell about others, but I’m willing to bet there are plenty of other players who enjoy doing the same stuff, and would enjoy a more immersive gaming experience (you can see what I’m referring to in the original post). People who are into the competitive aspect may also enjoy it for the same reasons.

Anyway, I’m hoping to hear from you guys, and tell us if it’s a good idea or not, or if you could change it to make it more appealing to all players.

And sorry if I’m writing essay-like, but English isn’t my first language, and I always felt more comfortable and noticed to express myself better by writing this way. Hope you understand me.

Thanks again for reading.


It’s been one month and a day after I last wrote something here, and I’ve witnessed some interest from TORMENT, since he commented on this same post, but in the EU forums, and maybe that’s the reason he wrote another post here, in the US forums: When patch 5.0.4 released Banners and decals opens to sales?.

I still think being offered the Augments I listed on the document I left, including those which aren’t there, is a good idea. It’s kind of refreshing debating something that isn’t related to the Competitive aspect of the game.

I’ve been busy with college since 2 weeks ago, hence why I haven’t left any additional comment(s) here.

Would you like to see Augments offered on Sales later on? Tell us in the comments.


You should create another forum. Called only TORMENT and Dragunblader only ones to care openning previous Warchest items?

When i look reddit some players looking all previous Warchest items really


Few patches ago Consoles opens to sales as well (nearly 1 year or a year ago) i remember consoles isnt to open sales until that patch


Hey friend we should try on blizzard support again?

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My best bet would be to start an insightful, healthy chat with you, TORMENT, and other players, so we can discuss what Augments should be released, in which way(s), why it’s a good idea, and how to execute it. Something similar as Cybernetix did with his post ([SC2] All The Interface Suggestions). The thread has gotten popular, mostly because of the never-ending interaction between him and few others. I hate to say, but at this point, if something similar cannot be done, chances are non-existent for Blizzard to take ideas into account. Views and Replies are needed.

Hope you can help us with that, as well as other players.


İ wish speaking with all comminity for open sales to all previous Warchest items.

Did you tried on that forum?

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When i was checking my account on support page i was asked for Seat of the Highlord Banner 5 mounths ago. İ know warchest specific item but all skins are opens to sales as a bundle and consoles are opens to sales too and still total biscuit and carbot bundles still open to sales. That bundles has sprays decals and emocotions. Why dont blizzard openning to sales previous Warchest items?


No, I haven’t, I wasn’t aware of it. Mind sharing a link to participate?


I also wasn’t aware of that (Carbot and TotalBiscuit), but I did notice Skins are still available as bundles.

All we have lft to do is just to nourish threads like this to have a chance to get sale(s) (or another method) to get these Augments.

I sure do enjoy having my Nova Banner and Portrait, but I’m sure it can be better with the right Decals and Sprays.

Aside from the Tal’Darim Augments, which ones would you like to see in-game?


Yes of course my terran augments are finished except special forces decal.
İ was still in pain that i missed warchest 4 because i havent any blizzard balance but after warchest 4 i can buy blizzard balance and im waiting for this items


Being honest, I haven’t purchased any War Chests so far. In fact, I started playing the game since my cousin told me it was now Free-To-Play, and I enjoyed the Wings of Liberty Campaign very much that I ended up buying the remaining 2 Campaigns and the Nova: Covert Ops Mission Pack; later, I’ve gotten the Nova Co-Op Commander (I really love Ghosts over all stuff).

I’d buy Augments to match my Nova Banner and Portrait, but sadly, these can no longer be obtained, hence why I think releasing a sale(s) would help others in a similar situation.

My goal is to have a whole matching set for Portrait, Banner, Skins, Console, Announcer, Spray(s) and Decal, built around Special Ops/Covert Ops. I exclusively play Terran, so I really wanna build it someday, soon hopefully.

If I played someday as Zerg or Protoss, I’d get similar builds, but based around the Primal Zerg, and the Purifiers/Tal’Darim.


I also posted this on Reddit, but it seems everyone’s too focused on the Competitive aspect (again, not a bad thing) to notice the opportunity for plenty of people, including those who like to play the game for that, to obtain the remaining Augments they want in their collections, not to mention the revenues Blizzard could make (to host more Tournaments or to release more contents for the game).


Today i was asked blizzard support for warchest cosmetics and i give the links of our forums i hope they will add next or future patches


Hmmm… I know Blizzard isn’t known for regularly checking the threads in these forums, but I think we should just stick to the conversation-like exchange of ideas to have a chance of being noticed at some point.

I do also want the Augments I wrote on the list I left here, plus many others (so everyone has their tastes included). I think it’s just a matter of listing the pros and cons for that, and just keep trying. Cybernetix does it pretty well, and I hope his ideas will be taken into account.


Does Cybernetix forum help us as you believed?

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I didn’t mention it does help us, but rather to be taken as an example of what to do with this thread. Sadly, if this isn’t done, all the effort of having built it will just vanish into oblivion. Once more, views and comments are a must if we want even the slightest chance of Blizzard E. of considering this idea for a future patch. I don’t like it, since it may become annoying at some point for others, and because of forum-commenting etiquette, but again, it’s necessary considering the actual circumstances and the huge interest from the players in the Competitive aspect (once more, not a bad thing, in fact, it’s the essence of this game) rather than other aspects which may improve the gaming experience, aside from balancing.


Blizzard support answered me just keep posting to the forums


Glad they did, and yes, I’ll keep on commenting from time to time.