Re-leveling 54 times MUST go

I really like the idividual prestige’s. I just wish I could:

  • Choose my unlock order.
  • Didn’t have to re-level commanders 3 time from level 1.
  • That it didn’t take quite so long.

There’s my feedback.


I’m fine with the system and grind required.
My only change would be let us choose the order of prestige.


80 replies, you guys are still going at it? wow

If you want changes and want developers to see your feedback, here are my rule of thumb for sending developers a message (in any game):

  1. be polite;
  2. make sure you highlight your main points in your message; and
  3. make it simple.

Please don’t write essays.

Also, Developers code all day long and coding it is mentally exhausting. So when they do look at forums, they don’t need to see people in forums complaining and yelling at them.

  • We should be able to pick which prestige we want, I did raynor and kerrigan up to p3 and it’s a big pain in the butt honestly, I am not sure I will get another p3
  • Some prestiges really need a MAJOR fix, they are simply a nerf to the commanders. And nothing worst than having a crappy 3rd prestige (like Raynor’s p3)
  • Some prestiges only activate at level 7+ (they should be available right from the start)
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I am done leveling for benefits - no prestiging for me. Any level I gain from now on should be solely to show my devotion to the game.

Mastery was a long road, but at least that was shared amongst all COs

Ascension takes 10x as long to max out mastery, but at least that’s only for cosmetic goods.

Folks feel like it’s groundhog day b/c they’ve already unlocked regular levels. On top of that, they have to do it three times, for each CO.

Sadly, this is still not as bad as some of the truly awful grinds out there (and I’ve played a couple of mobile games. One for 3 years, not counting breaks I took, and another for 8 months). But it still feels long

One thing that I agree with one way or another, “54 times” isn’t going to work out. Reminds me of a Prop mutation game on DoN. We were doing fine until the very end. We got breached, and at that point, the game is going to end in 40 seconds. Either we’re winning, or the game 's lose condition triggers, but it ain’t going on for long.

Here, I can see my self doing this around 7 to 15 times, but that’s about it. Not sure if I’ll have any further time since I’d like to play a few dozen games WITH the Prestiges in a fully leveled up state.


I don’t care releveling I actually welcome it. Because full leveled commanders are 2 ez to win with unless u play mutation. But I hate the random mutator system so this is better for me personally .
What DOES annoy me is that everybody and their mother is choosing void trashed map to grind on. Grow a pair and put random pls

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I support picking which prestige you want instead of having to grind all 3 of them consecutively.

However I don’t think separating each prestige to have different leveling is a good idea. Some prestige are simply unusable, not impactful, or worst, a hindrance to a lot of commanders before they reach certain levels (e.g. Zagara before 12 is not an optimal commander for Scourge Queen talent, Artanis’ before High Templars, Alarak before Ascendants, etc etc)

The main complaint about the re-leveling is that it’s the same old leveling that we’ve already experienced.

The first time is ok, because we are discovering everything I guess, but even with a new gimmick, we already know how it feels to have the next stuff, so the wait is worse.

The leveling process should have had something more different than just the new gimmick (which in several commanders doesn’t even get in motion until later in line or doesn’t change much except for “numbers”).

The discovery and rise to power process is for new players. Veterans should be able to experience something different and the system should work along with other systems instead of stopping them in their tracks.

  • You should be able to choose which upgrade you get each level (except for the ones that are based on previous upgrades).
  • You should be able to use your Mastery points and gain Mastery/Ascension experience along the way (so that the grind doesn’t feel “wasted” on both new and veteran players).
  • You should be able to choose which Prestige talent you want to pursue first.

Blizz really must let use choose the prestige we want to unlock first.

ATM i am only interested in about a third of prestiges, sadly a lot of them are arbitrarily marked as “third” and hence require tons of grinding that i would have to do over weeks and weeks due to schedule.


any other map than void thrashing is just a big waste of time

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I don’t mind the leveling honestly. The part where it feels “grindy” however, is when you are leveling for a play style you don’t want or isn’t viable. That does feel like a chore.


Blizzard’s usual state of mind lately, with everything they do.

Copy/pasting from another post since this one seems to be the big one:

I was of the mind that it is awesome. However, after playing plenty and wasting money on a warchest to get xp boost. I am not disliking it even WITH the xp boost. I don’t want 2 of the 3 prestige on Nova but the one I want is the last one. But I have to suck up 15 levels x3 to get it.
Same w/ Kerrigan. Same w/ Swann…I have played it for 3 days so far and am already getting bored where I am jumping from commander to commander to get some kind of variety.

I do think it seriously needs another look. This is sorry excuse of a new content. For majority of them, they don’t even need to NERF anything. I mean…why? Mastery levels didn’t cause nerf. Why should these? Power creep exists but there are better ways to handle that. Just pick one of the 3 sets and off you go.

And add insult to injury; some of these are waaay OP for some already OP commanders. And some of these are waaay too gimpy for already gimped commanders. Its weird. It feels like an evenings work worth of content. Thank goodness I didn’t pay for it.

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The problem is really that so many of the prestiges are so bad that I would NEVER consider using them, much less grinding through them just to unlock them.

Grinding in a video game especially a FTP one is totally understandable, but there needs to be some kind of payoff for doing so.

Raynor for example. I don’t mind grinding through. Each of his prestiges are interesting and even one in particular, his second one has no realistic drawback whatsoever that I can think of. Grinding him would be a breeze especially since his talent curve is pretty forgiving.

Then there’s Kerrigan.

Her first two Prestiges are in my opinion completely useless. The first one especially. Then her third one has literally no forseeable drawback.

Where’s the logic in that? I’d ONLY be grinding through her much more frustrating 1-15 grind 3 times (Kerrigan at low levels sucks because she is missing MANY tools to make the actual hero powerful) JUST for one prestige worth getting, which is only a sidegrade to the kind of power Kerrigan already has baseline.

That’s not worth it to me at all. Not one bit.

Then there’s Zeratul. Who of course has it the easiest because he always does.

His first prestige is probably his best one, his third Prestige coming with the largest drawback of the 3. Zeratul is also so insanely overpowered that you can solo brutal missions easily with him starting at level 5. Much easier than other COs.

So his best prestige requires only one much easier grind to unlock. What?

My main issue here is just how completely unbalanced these grinds are. Some are easy and some are much more difficult for far less benefit.

Some CO’s too like Mengsk I won’t bother grinding at all because every single one of his Prestiges are terrible, and Mengsk’s 1-15 grind is really annoying.

So, to sum up. Grinding in general in a game is not necessarily a bad thing, but the carrot needs to be tasty enough to make that grinding worth it. Right now for a lot of CO’s it’s not at all. That’s what really needs to be fixed here.

I just finished Swann’s first Prestige grind and honestly I don’t feel like I gained anything out of it because his Laser Prestige is totally awful. That feeling of “I grinded for no reason at all” that’s the thing a game developer should want to avoid.


So people can complain about ‘the grind’ but when I point out I don’t wanna play trasher OVER and OVER I get the ‘its the best grind’ retort.

I’m here to play and have fun not to GRIND. Why don’t you guys can just prestige and play random map random commander. You know these prestige’s will just unlock over time right?
This I want here and now my goodies is zzzzz. Just be glad we still getting some stuff for a 10 yr old game


Because if im gonna do something 54 times i might as well do it in 3-4 hours a 1-15 rather than 5-7 hours at a time so i can fit 2 prestieges into a day vs 1, then max and play my mastery commanders.

If you don’t like it great just keep playing random and you’ll get a variety or reverse it and hard que random non void thrasher maps after every time you get one. 25% of 200-220% xp really ends up being 5k of your 55k xp anyways whatever you do for brutal, might as well have fun with it. If you see too much thrashers and don’t want xp, just reverse que for random non void thrasher maps you want and bam problem solved.

I played with a friend that does not wish to pay for the Warchest. The only really play Co-op, and the arcade. After an hour they were 4 levels into their first prestige, and they got bored of having to deal with a gimped commander, and didn’t want to play anymore.

If I can’t even play the new content with friends, I’m not sure I really want to play Co-op anymore. I think I’m just going to play the arcade, and other games. I’ll come back with the next commander, if there is one.


The problem I have with this is that I want to complete a commander to get it over with, so that when I have the itch to play them with all of their available variants, I can do it without coming back and being like, “oh, I forgot I didn’t finish prestige 3 on them. Ugh.” I can just click on whichever ones I want. So I can see where iamgaming is coming from with the burnout.

Once I’m done with all three prestiges, I’m sick to death of that commander’s mechanics or I want to enjoy masteries, so I play them maxed out and essentially miss out on useful XP while just trying to reap the rewards of what I grinded for, or I switch to another commander and begin the grind all over again. Rinse, repeat. It might not be an ideal way to go about it, but it’s poor design in and of itself. I wish there was just a way to store up XP while leveling a character at 15 that you can distribute toward prestige levels, similar to mastery levels and point allocation.


This is an example of said poor design. Imagine if you had to level up 3 times to unlock all masteries instead of having passive XP to level 90 while keeping everything you unlocked across commanders. People probably wouldn’t have liked that, but now it’s fine and dandy? There’s nothing wrong with expecting some kind of continuity across commanders rather than starting from scratch with each one. If masteries we’re account-wide, I probably would have burned out on co-op before I even got to enjoy most of them. Mentally exhausting your player base is excellent game design.

And let’s not forget that all commanders aren’t created equal. Some are better at level 1 than others. This is why we need global progress. Does anyone complain that you can unlock masteries for your weaker commander with a stronger one? I’m all for some kind of grind to earn the new rewards, but this is superfluous content-gating.