Random Crashing, Mac OS Mojave

The game runs perfectly fine… until it doesn’t. There seems to be no consistent rhyme or reason, except that it hasn’t happened yet on OpenGL (after 1 day of playing). It will just lock up completely - sometimes during the 1st game of the day, sometimes after hours, or even days of games with zero problems. It’s probably averaging a crash a day though.

If I am quick I can force-quit it to the desktop, but usually it completely crashes the whole system (kernel panic?), requiring a reboot. Sometimes it kicks me off with the classic “Attempting to Reconnect” message, along with everyone on my wireless network, which led me to believe this was a modem/router issue, but I am now not convinced. There seems to be other stuff going on.

I am running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 on a 2012 8-core Mac Pro, with a ATI Radeon Sapphire RX 580, 8 GB. I cannot update to Catalina (without Hackintoshing).

So far I have tried all of the fix techniques I have found from other Mac users:

Flushed DNS / modem
Reset modem/router to factory specs, then forwarded modem ports for SC2
Reset PRAM and SMC
Reset SC2 game settings
Tried every graphics setting available, from Ultra (recommended) to lowest
Scanned/repaired game files
Changed Computer name in Sharing
Uninstalled/reinstalled SC2 and Battlenet client
Updated permissions in game folder

None of the above seems to have worked. Yesterday, I reset the graphics render mode from Metal to OpenGL, and thus far it has not crashed, but who knows?? Also I hate this change, as it looks and runs WAY crappier in this mode - it stutters and lags, ruining any chance of fast-paced 1v1 play. I can run the game better in Ultra with Metal, than in medium with OpenGL. So I REALLY hope this isn’t the answer.

Any ideas/solutions for what could be happening? I am becoming rather unpopular with my online teammates, to the point where I’m scared to do 2v2 games. Please help! I am happy to provide crash logs and more info if need be.

Thank you.

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macOS 10.14.6 Mojave here (latest updates), 12 Core 2010 Mac Pro. Same video card. Seeing the same issues you are after the last update. Hope they fix this is in the next update. It really locks the machine up HARD which is unusual. I thought I had hardware issues before I found your post.

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Yeah I don’t think it is your hardware. I am running all my creative programs, League, Heroes of the Storm (on Ultra,) and other stuff all maxed out, with zero issues. For SC2, I changed my graphics to Medium, and I have not crashed in a month. HOWEVER, this sucks, and it’s BS that this is the workaround for a 8 GB card. :frowning: We should be playing on Ultra / Extreme and enjoying this beautiful game. Let me know if you come up with anything, and GL!