RAMPS Patch 5.0 Bug (Editor - Mac) - Unable to place RAMPS

RAMPS Patch 5.0 Bug (Editor - Mac) - Unable to place RAMPS.

Since last anniversary patch, my ability to place RAMPS on any given map of any give format has been disabled. It’s not possible to place RAMPS no matter the size, angle or height of the cliff.

Help requested.


you can’t ramp two levels that are more than one apart, or ramp them when they are close to another cliff.

Same issue for me. I noticed this issue on PTR and hoped this will be fixed on release but it’s not. There were no issues before this update to 5.0 version of Starcraft II.

I do not undertand what you are saying.

Exact same problem here. Glad that I spotted this thread today cause I thought it was an issue at my end the whole time. On an old map with ramps I can delete them just fine but with an attempt to copy/paste some terrain with ramps caused the pasted ones to be screwed up a few different ways.

This is currently an active known issue that our QA and Developers are investigation for resolution. At this time we do not have any workarounds. If you are working on a major map project yourself you may consider using a windows System or Windows boot camp only if you have this easily available too you till the issue can be resolved or when just working with ramps.

Customer Service does not have an ETA on when this will be resolved but our developers do have this listed as a known issue which our QA team is actively investigating. I would expect it to be resolved in the near future given the impact this would have with creating maps on Mac systems.


I have this same issue in windows, cliffs and ramps are just completely broken. The terrain editor is unusable because if these issues. Its super frustrating to be unable to work on any map projects and its been like this since ptr : (


Adding ramps still doesn’t work for me. I hope they fix it soon.

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Still can’t add ramps, effectively killing any kind of complex topographical map.

What is the ETA on when this is getting fixed?

Still waiting on this to be fixed on Windows.

Im still having this issue was hoping to teach some student how to use this for level design guess I’Il have to think of a different design.