Quality of Life for Old Terran Players

Its been years Pls give option that View alerts is UNCLICKABLE .

Give us an option to cast Mules like how Injects Works Im a mere scrub no PRO here it would help casting mules a lot faster.

Its more easy to press home base then mid mouse pre
emptive skill click mules. Rather than click the actual minerals. I know it sounds stupid
but honestly im no Maru and have precision mouse click.

Its like injecting larva but mules automatically cast the nearest mineral on the selected CC.

Cancelling ralling Point for production buildings i usually just rally buildings in a certain unit and kill it to remove Rally Point if Muta sitting on my production building. Would be nice if can be done in a hotkey .

E click buddy… e click… you miss the mineral you lose a bit.

Terran don’t need any more QOL. You guys already play the easiest race in the game by an absolute landslide.

Here are some QOL changes that maybe the other races could get to even it out.

-0 Skill non counter able scouting.
-Mineral catch up in the form of droppable mules.
-Instant supply Catch up when you fail to macro.
-13 Range 40 Damage splash units to park in our base and counter every ground unit not flown in.
-360 degree vision around our bases from a simple 1 time build tower
-1500 Health 40 splash damage repairable fortess to go on our mineral lines that the workers can repair.

Lets start with those QOL perks for the other races then we can make your 40 APM in Plat macro a little harder.

Matter of fact I think the creep I spread should poison your entire army and kill them if you run on it. Sounds fair to me.

Except zelots, mass ling, swarm host, immortals etc.

You do know that Terran has the weakest economy in the game, always at least a base behind.

For mules there is injects and crono, plus always a base ahead.