PVT how to defend 1 base thor/scv push

h ttps://drop.sc/replay/23259329

There you go. Now lets see ANY of you post replays of yourselves against Terran or Zerg as Protoss.

dude how much did you pay that guy to let you win. That was about the dumbest thing ive ever witnessed. no cannon in main, quit building workers some point, kept walking through tight spots on purpose getting hung up. not to mention the fact he wasnt tageting scvs that repaired the thor and only targeted the thor, till for some reason he decided to shoot the medivac. and by the way that wasnt even close to the same order of attack as this dude in the original post said. you reaper rushed him first to boot, no tank and lib where were those, and he had a medi healing your marines. come on man, if you say you can do exactly like the op described then do it that way, not a completely different way then come brag about how you did it. Like really dude, throwing that old bait and switch at us, shame on you gandi. Ill tell you another thing if that toss had half a brain you would of lost that fight easy, but im betting you probably paid him off.

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Uthermal has been beating GM terrans with a 1 base proxy nexus DT rush. He drops the nexus in their face, then recalls 3 adepts. He hides a pylon in the corner of their main. They are so disheveled with the adepts in their main that they miss the pylon. DTs warp in and it’s GG. If they somehow survive that, he has expanded to 3 base on the back of it and already researched blink. This is all vs a terran who full-walls on 1 base. A protoss can lose a nexus, do a 3 adept attack & rush DTs on 1 base, and end up with 3x the economy of a terran.

Protoss is so favored by balance it’s absolutely insane. SC2 is practically a welfare system for Protoss. I say that as a zerg player. Imagine if you could beat GM protoss with a proxy planetary rush. It’s so bad you can literally deny it by putting 1 probe under the flying command center, making a single immortal, or void ray, or counter-attacking into the terran’s main. Now imagine a Terran could not only beat a protoss with this build but do so by absolutely massive margins.

It’s not a coincidence that AlphaStar was 6300 mmr with Protoss and 5800 mmr with Zerg (and its worst matchup TvT).

I have smurfed once (I dont usually do) and made PF rush like that, made a bunch of CCs near his cliff and landed them in his base, t hen turned to PF but it was the first leagues. But also turrets im not that stupid.

On ladder it is very easy to lose to cheese at such mmr ranges and lower it has more to do with unprepared for such builds and no matter what matchup. But when you expect it that happens when it is in your mind they can do it, you should have been able to counter it…

LOL I paid that guy…ok well I have about 50 other replays of me doing the EXACT same thing.

Now I’ve lived up to my end…Where is YOUR replay showing me how OP Protoss are??

Yup cause they are winning EVERY tournament, so damn favored!!!

Please post a replay of yourself as Protoss showing how OP they are!

Damn Trolls everywhere I swear.

Your APM is unusually low for Terran and because opponent was so bad indeed Terran looks like A move here.

Protoss players at their finest is in this replay: Vision on main base, does literally nothing when sees widow mines on the ground, then they complain about widow mine drop.

Maybe he was making an incantation hoping that less probes would be hit.

What is the official build order for this? I can only see it here maybe this one, 1 year ago isnt so old for such

yeah im not posting a replay bud, only because im not going out of my way to play a crap ton of toss single matches just to hope i get a terran to play that play. I got way more important things to do than waist time playing toss when i havent even played it in 3 years. Your forgeting my main is zerg. I also will not waist time go back to my toss days to search through countless replay( if they even still exist) just to prove how wrong you are. I already pointed out what that toss did wrong at every point in the match and why you won the match.

I made a challenge with Rocker, I won’t use supply drops if he doesn’t use battery overcharge, guess who broke the agreement first?

I saw a heatmap of where players tend to look on the map. They used eye tracking software. Protoss center their screen over their nexus, more or less, all game long. They sit there, playing SimCity, while waiting for an attack to come. When the attack arrives, they click on a battery and that’s the net sum of protoss skill. There is only one or two, or perhaps three, attack paths so it’s as easy as pie to react on time.

Zergs on the other hand religiously stare at the minimap because an attack can come at any time and from any angle.

It’s always flipping hillarious when Protoss die to a nydus, aka the worst harass in the game. If you simply have basic map awareness, you are guaranteed a free 75 gas from the zerg. As a zerg, I have literally never lost a single game to a nydus. Nyduses are aweful. The fact that protoss lose to them is proof these players belong in gold league. Looking at the minimap is just too flipping hard for their chimp brains.

So, the obvious pick is that Rocker used a shield battery overcharge.

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if they end up with Thors and scvs you need to focus the scvs if you can with some sort of aoe. If you can’t do that in time as in if you’re unable to get aoe out in time then try to get some damage done with oracle / warp prism stuff to their economy to throw them off before they tech to Thors and then hopefully that will give you enough economy advantage to beat the Thors with voids/etc. Can phoenix lift Thors or are they too massive? Lol that would be hilarious.

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Graviton Beam does not work on any massive units. Thors, Colossus, Archons, and Ultralisks are all immune.

If you just chrono immortals off a robo, it literally doesn’t matter that he repairs the thor. The immortals can DPS the thor down so flipping fast that it’s like the thor didn’t even exist in the first place.

EXACTLY my point. You want to comment on balance yet you REFUSE to see what it’s like from the race that has become pretty much unplayable now.

I switched to Terran and have absolutely nothing bad to say about them. The race has EVERYTHING you need and blizzard even decided to give them a money cheat! (mule spam).

This game has degraded to TvZ, that’s it. So next time someone posts about how to stop a build, try and see it from their point before commenting.

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lol, protoss are completely playable, your a joke if you think other wise. I just pointed out everything that dude did wrong in that replay you sent. If the dude would of did any of that he would of kick you to the curb easily.

I will agree with you on the terran being an op race tho, they can turtle there way to victory on easy street every game if they wanted to just by the defence alone.

Well I have 5 more games I just played against Protoss in a row where I did the exact same thing and won. 1 of them even tried cannon rushing me and it failed horribly.

Protoss HAVE become almost unplayable, they have been nerfed into the ground and it shows hard now. It’s ALL Terran VS Zerg in EVERY damn tournament and it’s old and stupid.

The blizzard balance team needs to acknowledge that they F******D up royally and revert most of the nerfs for the race.

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Learn2Play issue.

E.g. check this series:
StarCraft 2: A Protoss LEGEND Returns - The SHIELD OF AIUR Is Back! (Best-of-5) - YouTube

How is this a L2Play issue when I am demonstrating how easy it is to win with Terran against Protoss? WTF does this have ANYTHING to do with learning to play?

Jesus trolls everywhere!!!

If you still think this game is balanced and Protoss is OMG OP, then watch this video:

VERY good points on why the race is complete and utter garbage now.

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When you will upload a video where you defeat Stats and Hero?

@video . Yes in pro games every race requires skill like even protoss but in ladder which is the main topic here, the guy who says how protoss ‘actually takes the most micro’ yes I see it in the apm and EPM of protoss players which is hilariously low and if someone thinks it is spamming, I see their reaction to widow mines, i.e no reaction so the APM/EPM do reflect how much one actually works for their victory.

When will you upload of video of you playing protoss at all and defending against Terran?

You won’t because you’re a Terran fanboy troll who has absolutely zero games.

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