PVT how to defend 1 base thor/scv push

Can someone give a replay or post a link to something where protoss defends a one base thor push?
If you search on youtube TvP One Base THOR All-In - Dolan Build #1.

Basically its a one base build where the terran blocks the entrance to ramp to deny scouting. Then they go quick cloaked widow mine drop and follow it up with 8-10 marines, a thor and SCVS and usually a tank ± a liberator. I really can’t figure out what to do to hold this. Even mass batteries seems to fail because you are outranged with the tank and libs and the terran army is very high damage output so early.

Any assistance appreciated. Thanks.

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I guess it depends on how late this hits, but chargelots shred marines without stim, tanks get slaughtered by them and thors are garbage vs them. The only issue is the liberator but really thats a supporting unit which can be taken by a couple stalkers. Frankly speaking I suspect that half-decent macro would generally slap it down.

Hallucinate a phoenix and fly it in to better read as well.

please share replay with us

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There really is no counter to this. You can mass batteries IF you can scout in time to see but even then you are going to be FAR behind from the attack thanks to cloaked widow mines.

I do this all the time as Terran just for fun and to show how stupidly imbalanced this game has become against Protoss. If anyone wants replays I will provide.

Honestly SunBurn74, switch to Terran or Zerg, there’s absolutely no point in playing Protoss anymore.

You can play standard, pull probes and sack the natural and still be fine. As long as you have blink stalkers and a 1 base economy you will be able to outmaneuver the Terran. Buy as much time as you can and use overcharge. If this build was so scary, Protoss wouldn’t actually expand like they usually do and actually tech up on 1 base but overcharge can bridge the gap very easily.

The build that you have posted has already evolved, Terrans are opting for a hellion after the thor because they are actually able to contribute to the pivotal fight rather than an afterthought. Medivac healing + repair on a hellbat is a much better damage soak.

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Like, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s possible this hits before that’s possible.

Kind of unnecessarily aggressive.


well, its not like im not being truthfull, it is a dumb build and easily countered reletivily easy, and builds like that once countered usually end the game for the guy doing it. And as for it hitting possibly before you get out that many voids or tempest, yeah i can see a pro player getting that out faster than about 6or 7 voids or tempest, but are we really gonna call this go pro level, no, obviously he aint if hes asking how to stop it, which most likely means the guy on the other team is probably around the same league, and you know most noobs mess up doing builds like this, so yeah its very possible to counter this with tempest. Also i would like to point out the fact that if you know its coming its pretty easy to set up that type of counter, good scouting is key in every game you play.

But all that aside, lets look at other ways to counter this. Mass charge would crush this pretty easy, some one already stated that. stalker zealot would crush this very easy. Hell a couple well placed psy storms would counter this all by itself. Stasis traps, you name it the list goes on. hell a cannon wall with significant batteries and a good timed over charge would take this, or hell just cannon rushing in the first place.

I mean really a one base thor all in is a really dumb cheese build and thats all it is. To be honest, the planetary rush is a better build than this.

Also if you want to stop the widow drops place a cannon and sheild battery in the mineral line, pretty much shuts that down entirely.

Dude 7 Void Rays? SEVEN? AND Tempests? No one hates Protoss as much as me, but this is not talking about an 11:00 timing.

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dude are you serious, it takes 5 min to pump out about 4 of them. Are you not forgetting the days of void rush with sheld battery proxy bs. Its very easily doable. and yes about 7 voids alone could counter that easily, same with seven tempest, hell probably only 4 tempest would be need if you kite right. Im not saying make both, just one or the other. you dont need 14 air units. Yes that would take forever. Im saying choose between the tempest or voids, but either or in that amount would kill that push.

also you gotta think about what the actual timing on the terran attack will be, something like that is gonna hit around the 8 to 10 min mark. Thats plenty of time to get out that many voids or tempest easily.

As the guy said the terran goes for a widow mine drop first. thatll hit right about the 4 to 5 min mark, if done correctly. Followed by tank thor lib a handfull of marines and scvs thats gonna take about another 3 to 4 min to build after the guys done microing the widow drop, unless hes a high level player who can multitask. And again we aint talking about no high level players here. So you know its gonna be slow and sloppy.

You weren’t any kinder in my thread. Anyways, a noob like you shouldn’t brag about something being easy.

yeah im not a noob bud, ive been playing this game for well over 6 years now on a daily basis, with about ten games a day if not more. and didnt you say you were gonna quit the game and not play anymore, so why you even here. and no im not a kind person, if you dont like what i have to say, dont read it, im not forcing you too, but i certainly aint gonna sugar coat anything either just to be nice to others feelings. I dont know you people so why would i care about your feeling, you certainly dont care about mine, and if you say you do your lying.

Widow mine drop then thor?? Then it kills the purpose of fast thor. That is not how the build was in the past. Even if you start 2 x refinery you gotta make the techlab, and armory and medivac and that is gas heavy.

exactly, its a later timed attack, and its a super dumb build on one base, if its countered in any way its pretty much over for the terran no matter what after that, and as i said its something that is very easily counted.

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Uthermal had a Armory proxy mine drop into quick Thor Drop with a marine SCV pull, that’s probably what he ran into, someone copying him. Which generally speaking means it was likely a new account (which is the only way it’ll work).

It rely on the opponent making big mistakes, it’s not a good build sorry dude

ghandi dont even play terran hes a toss player. hes got 11 wins as terran.

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Lots of things beat it…but not if you don’t scout it 1st.

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LOL, new season and I have 11 wins on Terran…ok.

Again, I can provide replays on how unstoppable this build is.

EVERYONE ELSE, if you THINK you are good then provide replays OF YOURSELF as Protoss beating Terran at 3.4k+ MMR.

This is what is sad is that NONE of you will provide ANY replays of yourself as Protoss. All anyone on here does is troll and they literally have no concept of how stupidly imbalanced the game is against Protoss.

your so funny dude, lets see your replays, come on show us how unstoppable this is, come on prove it.