PvsT is almost 55% in Aligulac for July, Protoss is so OP now

So PvsT is almost 55% in July according to Aligulac: http://aligulac.com/misc/balance/

There is a problem with PvsT now. I suspect it is a combination of the Super Batteries which allows Protoss to defend early attacks from Terran, and now the Protoss pros realize the power of blink DTs, which were never really used often until the last few months in pro play.

This matchup is constantly imbalanced in favor or Protoss. Either a nerf is needed to Protoss or a buff is needed for Terran. As it stands, PvsT is broken now in favor of Protoss.


What is needed now is that Terrans instead of whining and asking further buffs, using creatively the tools that they already have.
To rely exclusively on Blizzard-handouts for 50% winrate in TvP is morally repugnant.
It’s like that bum that refuses to work because of the welfare…


PvT 55% but let TY style on stats…


i agree man. what other pro player can blindly f2 into tank lines like parting. and please terran apologists, try to find a pro player who can bank as much money as zest when you aren’t close to being max.ed and who turtles like stats? anyone? anyone? these are gods among mortals!

Who cares about you. You are a nobody. I am a nobody too. What matters is the top level. And Aligulac is a way to measure the top level. And at the top level, the PvsT is broken in favor of Protoss.


I dont enjoy TvP. I want to stop playing after every one of them :frowning:

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No one does. TvP was well balanced in HOTS. You could play macro game and game took skill. Now guy is just a moving chargelots and drop templars from warprism. And you are playing from behind since start. Protoss gets every advanatage in the game. My tos is currently like 4600 and i have 60% PvT win rate and i am beating 5k terrans +

But my TvP is 49%…

PvT is my favorite matchup, it is so broken. I can play like sh1t and still win :smiley: It is honestly so fun, you can play gasless and mass just chargelots and blinkstakers. Once you hold 2 base all in, than you can do whatever you want… Or colossus/phoenix, feels like nothing can touch you…

Terran is kitting you across whole map and you didn’t even look and you are doing other things meanwhile. Than you look at your army and you won :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Its like we are in Groundhog’s day. Where is your topic complaining about there being 3 Protoss in the Ro8? Well get ready because there is about to be 0 in the finals again. TY is going to spank Stats like he spanked Parting.

lol wtf. Blink Stalker openings have been the meta for at least the last year and were always popular. And by the meta, I mean opened every single game, because that is the only way to remotely have a chance to stop the myriad of harass and push options that Terran has. Did you not see TY kick the **** out of Parting again today? The “king of blink stalkers” Parting?

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There is not equal representation at the top. You can’t take top pros for indicator of balance. For example serral is winning everything. He would probably won, even if there were 7 protosses in his group. So than you would say zerg is op, while it is one player.

Pro teams disbanded and many pros did quit the game. There is simply not equal competition. I don’t know what league you are in. But if you play game on high level, you are probably doing same things as pros, not as well executed and maybe your timing lags. But if you are at least tier 1 masters, than you have idea about balance…

I have 60% PvT win rate with my tos. I am beating 5k+ terrans with my 4600 tos offrace and my TvP is currently only 49%. There is a reason tos has most gm players since last 2 years constantly!


It was a typo. Blink DTs. Blink DTs have become the new meta in mid to late game PvsT. Blink DTs were seldom used before by the top pros before this year but all the top Protoss players are abusing them this year.

PartinG is just a cheeser. He is mainly good at cheesing. The thing is, Ty prepared for PartinG’s play style and knew PartinG liked to cheese. PartinG lost with an OP race because he couldn’t play macro games against Ty.

We will find out if Stats is in his best condition. Stats is up and down this year and is very inconsistent. But I can tell you that another good Protoss macro player, Trap, has won 4 out of 6 series against Ty this year in 2020: http://aligulac.com/results/search/?search=&after=&before=&players=177%0D%0A63&event=&bestof=all&offline=both&game=all&op=Search

The fact that PartinG lost to Ty is PartinG’s fault that he can’t abuse the OP Protoss race to beat Ty. Because Trap can beat Ty and has beaten him 4 out of 6 series this year. Trap can properly abuse the OP aspects of Protoss to beat Ty.

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No sh1t, i was wondering before pros start doing that. Protoss is op in early to mid game and even in late game you get like 6 bases vs 3-4 and 2-3k bank ahead of terran. But protoss has no late game, or rather end game. So you need to trade in mid game and later. You can notice, almost never game gets to the late game. Because smart tos abuses economy and than trade. And whole matchup is just about holding 2 base all in from terran nothing else matters. If you hold it you autowin, if you don’t than you lose…

So protosses are trying to base trade, because they can recall back and send zealots squads and warprisms. And dts are powerful, as they can instantly take a base. Even if Terran late game is superior, if you can constantly trade and keep their economy in check, you will have simply too much eco lead. Even if they get libs and ghosts unless they max on them, you can still defeat them, even if you trade badly, if you suicide zealots and dts into pf, it doesn’t matter. Because you have 6 bases behind it, but terran have no resouces and than you attack and trade, before they get enough emp/lib.


If only T buildings could fly…

Seriously, whinnin about blink DT is absurd, its a huge investment, asuming 8 DT, its a 2k harasment tool, and more if you add some zealots,ofc they are really strong, but because they are glass cannons, detect them and have more defense and they can be stopped, not every PF must be an unbreakable giant tower that can be defended by just grouping the workers and hitting the right button on top of the PF.


You don’t realize Protoss gets huge eco lead and has like 3/3 k bank late game, while Terran almost no bank. Besides if you blink on pf, you can take it out instantly and than run back. Dts are great, because protoss needs to trade and suicide units, so Terrant can’t get mass ghost/lib.

Imagine if dts couldn’t blink, that maybe you could get scv surround and save pf…


TCF whines even more when they win. Maybe this is a preemptive whine in order to get their share of buffs next Patch like junkies.
They can’t maintain their 50% winrates without constant Protoss/Zerg Narffs and Terran Buffs.
In medicine this is a well-known phenomenon called acquired-tolerance and explains the mecanism of dependence.

Get popcorn brothers, TCF is in attack mode and a lot of theatrics will be displayed.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


10-12 probes, huge eco lead. And that lead can be finished with some kind of harassment or by having a more efficient trade.

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Of course, they will try to find something to blame, it happens every time, chargelots, blink, disruptors, adepts on early, blink dt…they basically want everything being so nerfed that they can win by pure macro and stim. Even if T keeps winning tournaments, even if P ends being nerfed, they will continue with the next whinning.


So favored that last 2 years protoss leads 23:9 on periods with more than 50 % win rate. Not even counting overall win rates…


Whereas if you check before october 2018 = cyclone nerf patch, it wasn’t like that. Terran could punish quick third and because reactor cyclone openers, protoss had to be more careful and take third more conservatively!

Also Protoss leads in GM representation since same date:


Also since long time, if you clicked on any terran in gm, they would have lowest win rates in TvP and protoss highest in PvT. So no Terran isn’t OP vs Protoss since LOTV. It is other way around. Because Protoss economy is broken in LOTV.

Protoss can get natural before cyber even and even if you take cyber first, you get it sooner, yet you can halt cc with adept! In HOTS if you went nexus before cyber, you would lose probes to reaper.

Also rax started at 11 supply in HOTS and Terran would get mule sooner, before Protoss even took nexus, now you get 1st mule much later and than 2nd and 3rd. While Protoss gets his natural quicker and more probes in ratio to when mules hit than in HOTS…

Also in HOTS protoss nexi had only 10 supply and cc 11, Protoss had to even halt probe production at 9/10 to get his pylon, which slows down any future probe production… Now terran gets same supply as protoss…

Also both races needed 2nd pylon before nexus, meaning, mules would hit sooner in ration to nexus building time and so on…

There was a choice in hots, to get production and upgrades, or quick third! Now you get it all at the same time and yet you are pressuring terran with blink. You are ahead in economy since start, which makes you ahead in all aspects in the game…

And yet you can go gassless, just spamming nexi and zealots/ blink, which is a move and than you drop 4 templars from warprism. Zealots run faster than stimmed bio and can flank easily and take 0 micro…

Yes huge eco lead, protoss has fully saturated third, before terran third finishes and than getting his 4rd, when terran is saturating his 3rd. Don’t know where you took it, but you get also faster mineral line… Also many people forget, Terran has to be slightly ahead in supply vs protoss to be considered winning, if you are even, you are losing…


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There are so many truths condensed here that this can be considered one of the best posts of the Year.
Congratulations, i wish i had created this post myself.

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LUL, regurgitating all TCF talking points liike a broken-record won’t force people to buy your BS under duress.
Go sell your merchandise at the Terran-Forum.

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