Psi Disruptors can only be built with one SCV (WoL)

As the title says. Despite buying the upgrade to have several SCVs be able to construct a building together, I can’t do that with Psi Disruptors. (i haven’t tried Hive Mind Emulators yet, but I imagine the same bug would be there?). I get an error message saying “that must be placed on a vespene geyser” or that I should “build a refinery first”. I finished All In on Brutal finally but I think it’s worth looking into for others.

Was coming to post the same thing, so I’ll just add a “Yep. Same behavior here. Fix this please.” Maybe when you do the hotfix for all the other fun bugs from the new patch. :slight_smile:

Good to know I’m not the only one lol

Update: I did a new playthrough for the 10th anniversary, and hive mind emulators work for the multiple SCV upgrade. I don’t think Psi Disruptors got patched yet, so here’s another bump (no ban for spam pls)