Proxy hatchery at expansion

zerg just proxy hatchery at my expansion and then making spine crawler preventing me to expand and turtling 1 base until having siege tank. Killing hatchery with 1 tank spend quite long time. Then the zerg get his own expansion and farm economic happily. Any suggestions other than 1 base all in?

Dont want to say bs but pulling like 6-8 workers should kill it just in time

You can build your expansion in your main base, mindblowing

Good idea but will we are behind if sacrifice the economic?

Ya i did build cc at main base after i see proxy hatchery and feel wasted because i cant do anything after cc done and make me behind for the game

You should be even/slightly ahead if you pull the right amount at the right time, i just dont know the exact numbers

That is a really irritating cheese to deal with. If you do not approach it properly you will be behind. or end up wasting time clearing creep. What so bad about this build is that zerg doesn’t even care if they are losing 400 mins the goal is to keep you on one base for as long as possible.

Some zerg to goes 3 hatches any way and some times they lose that 3rd hatch and are able to continue on. So they are letting you kill their 3rd hatch in hopes that you do not know how to deal with clearing creep.

The best opening is to go 1: 1:1 and then build CC behind it The reasoning is that you get your tanks out and you get your raven out to clear creep. By the time your CC is done creep should be clear and continue build as normal

Also 1:1:1 opening helps if they decide to go roach/ravenger from there. which is possible or go spincrawler ling/bane which is also possible…

Any how 111 do not panick. most likely this will turn into a marco game. Unless you are really good at doing drops which is another approach. I just prefer macro game

Good strategy and idea mate thanks alot

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I beat up on zerg regularly so thats just one of many approaches to hatch cheese. this one is the safest. at least i think it is the safest approach

As a Z, I’d suggest that you consider rushing for 1x Medivac Marine drop (or 2, but I’m unsure of T’s timing). If a Z ever does a proxy hatch + a spine, that’s a total of 500 minerals investment with delayed queens. It will be a long time for them to macro back up to sufficient workers and still get an army. You will likely reach the Z’s base with 8 marines w/ healing against 2 queens and the answer to that will be obvious.

Even in the worst case scenario that you fail (try not to lose all your marines). With let’s say 4 rines + medivac left, you can simply return and consolidate with your new army (assuming you macro-ed properly while attacking) to take that 1 spine out.

The way i counter that cheese is the second he drops the hatch you put a bunker down right by it then just send your first two barracks units into the bunker and it dies before anything is produced if he does not cancel. After you drop the bunker you just continue your build normal it wont do any damage and you dont have to pull scvs thats if you catch it in time though.