Protoss HP Canon

If Protoss units and structures can’t be healed in the games (aside from allied queens/medivacs), how do executors heal their armies after battle canonically? Like if a unit survives with 1 hp, does it have 1 hp for the rest of its natural life? I can maybe get that they use massive equipment that cant be brought to the battlefield to repair mechanical units and structures, but it can’t be that hard to bring a bio healer, especially with their super advanced tech.

Canonically, protoss warriors were warped out of battle whenever their wounds were too great (assuming they survived the initial blow). Robotics were considered expendable compared to the less than prolific protoss population, and were this the last thing to be removed from combat. They were repaired after battle. Wounded soldiers were treated and moved to a dragoon if necessary, up until the fall of auir, and hopefully after it was retaken.

How though?

Probes aren’t equipped with anything to repair robo or mech units.

For robotic units Phasesmiths take care of them after battle.

For the wounded protoss (Zealot, High/Dark Templar) it is likely another professional from the Khalai cast that specializes in medical stuff.


Right. Probes are menial, cheap field workers in the protoss race, easy to produce and maintain, but there role is limited to reserve collection and opening warp rifts.

And I have reason to believe that, yes.