Proposal to change ravens name to trash

It would fit the design cost too much not to mention its only useful in the mirror and its terribly boring unit now not sure if they could of made a more boring unit would trade for observer at least its only 1 supply not metric ton of gas .

It’s honestly the worst unit in the game in terms of what you get for how much it costs. Terran is forced to build it for detection while zerg gets overseers and protoss gets observers. Just another unit draining your APM and multitasking which would be hard enough as it is as terran.


AA removes 3 armor, helping bio.
Interference Matrix makes a mech/psi unit unusable, helpful vs BCs/skytoss/colossus/tanks
Turrets can harass

bro shut up lmao why do diamonds think units aren’t useful when they can’t even engage armies properly. Ravens are NOT as good as when they had seeker missiles this is true, but they’re not useless.

get good