Profile Error when Friend Offline

when I try to view certain people’s profiles, who I have added as an email friend, I get an error. This only happens when they are offline.

Some profiles will work sometimes when they are offline others will not work any time they are offline.

I would include a screen shot, but I cant.


i have the same issue for several years. have you got a fix for this?
i also cannot enter a screenshot. it only shows “error” though.

I +1 this, same problem, sometimes works, if the person is online that helps.

Still not fixed as of January 2021.

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Seems to be related to profiles that haven’t been online recently. Players that are active can be viewed when offline, but if someone hasn’t been online in like 3 days then their profile just shows “Error”.

I can definitely debunk that. I got this error today despite my friend being online 18 hours ago.

It’s May 7th and it’s still an issue for me. Great job Blizzard, keep up the great work!