Professionals Have Standards Achievement

Dear SC2 admins,

The “Professionals Have Standards” Achievement under Unranked/Ranked tab is currently bugged. It will not work in multiplayer, and can only be obtained there. I believe you recently moved the “Infested Terror” Achievement to the Melee category to make it obtainable. Please move this achievement there as well, as it’s currently unobtainable, which is very upsetting to an achievement hunter such as myself.

Yours Truly,

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Same problem here!

Blizzard change the hability of the terran unit, this achievment its actually impossible to earn!! I read in some external foruns, about change the version, or downgrade the version of the game to Wings of Liberty , but I don’t know how to do this in 2021.

I just spent weeks trying to get 20 “steady aim” kills in an unranked 1v1 game and it ended up not triggering. I spent all game just only using snipes for every unit I saw, so it definitely is impossible.

Hey Gang,

Where do I file a complain against other players for not playing on teams. I had tons of these problems just today. They just sit there and make me loose my match.

Walter Chow

Endless swarm is also a broken achivement, I’ve read threads here about that since a few years and its still broken. My threads about it did not receive a single answer from the staff so my guess is the achivements are broken and will stay broken…
If Im wrong I would really like an answer from the staff tho.

Apparently it’s fixed now since you can get the achievement by using steady targetting.