Problem with Hotkey configuration in Custom Maps

So I’ve been playing a few custom campaigns lately but in a great part of the maps the same error occurs: A random hotkey starts unbound, then if I bound it to any key, a random one instantly gets unbound. For example: In all the Zerg maps from Annhihilation the spawn Zergling and spawn Roaches are somehow tied. If I bound Z for Zergling and then try to bound R for Roaches, the Z for Zergling gets unbound and vice-versa. Even if I click restore it still happens. There are many more examples, lately I’ve been playing The Antioch Chronicles, and Esc for Halt conflicts with a bunch of other random ones including T for Stimpack.

It’s actually driving me insane, if someone else had the same problem or if someone can think of a solution it will be of great help.