Pro Players were Bad and Slow in 2010 compared to 2021

In general I’m not sure what the point of this thread is, besides the obvious that the game wasn’t much figured out at release. Worth noting that Diamond league was the highest league at release/beta.

LotV has been changed so much from WoL that it’s debatable if it can even be considered the same game. If LotV pros had to go back to WoL, they might not do as well for a little bit until they readjust to the old gameplay. I doubt the Protoss players would be happy with the old balance, but Zerg might come out on top.

If pros continued to be pros, they’d be pros today. Thanks for gracing us with this genius-level statement.

Comparing BW to Wings to LotV is like comparing apples to oranges to lemons. But I can pretty confidently state that if you think SC2 is harder to play at pro level than BW, that you are very mistaken and I doubt you even played BW.

Wow, if you can indicate where I pointed out or even implied that SC2 was harder than BW please let me know, or is it that you did not like what I posted and decided to make up stuff to criticize me with?

BTW I think BW is an amazing game, but I acknowledge it is harder than SC2, I have never stated the opposite. Although I do say that it is harder for the wrong reasons (UI and AI limitations of the time).

I said the obvious statement there because I was interacting with OP and even acknowledging that old pros were really good but limited to the knowledge and depth in the game of their time.

Anyways I dont know how else to respond other than suggest that you understand the context, and read other people’s post carefully and honestly before you post your own nonsense.

But here it goes, yes games are very different, but the core mechanics are the same. As expansions come optimization happen quicker than it does when the game comes. I argue that Optimized LotV gameplay has much more variety than optimized WoL gameplay. Early WoL was fun because it was no optimized by the players, and because SC2 was so new and people kept playing as if it was BW (when in fact it was a different game altogether) that you saw a lot of suboptimal builds that made the game fun and unpredictable. Once it got figured out we got the late WoL meta which is one of the worst and most predictable (after HotS meta) Starcraft has ever seen.

Hope that clarifies.

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They didn’t have F2 all army back then which would befuddle a lot of ladder heroes.


That’s true, I never thought of that. I suppose they would be solid masters players after all.

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