Primal Kerrigan vs Empowered Alarak

In a straight fight Kerrigan would win, but I’m curious as to who would win between Kerrigan and Alarak using Empower Me (with the Taldarim as his supplicants), will Kerrigan win? Or will Alarak’s empowered psionics prevail?

I personall believe Alarak will win (he is my favourite character), but what do you guys think?

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I think Alarak plus all the Tal’darim would be a landslide. I also don’t know that comparing one individual versus most of a civilization simultaneously is a meaningful comparison. I think the better question is how much help does Alarak need to have a fair shot at winning?


This is not exactly the best comparison. Especially considering Kerrigan’s attacks chain and she can summon units at whim.

What would it take for alarak to beat kerrigan? And vice versa?

That’s up for debate. While she’s portrayed as the biggest psionic powerhouse, I don’t think that means she’s invincible or immune to psi blade damage. Blizzard gave her a bunch of in-game cocoon voices and a cocoon model because she can be killed even by regular units (and then revived). Warfield has his own dialog for when his troops kill Kerrigan.

Zeratul lobbed off one of her wing blades. His arm got hurt, sure, but it’s not impossible for him to have timed his attack better and cut her head off instead.

Now Alarak probably doesn’t have Zeratul’s stealth abilities, but he’s probably got way more psychic power from the terrazine and years of using supplicants. That’s why he dominated vs. Vorazun. If he’s sneaky enough, he could get Kerrigan as well.

I’d put the odds at 70% chance of Kerrigan winning. Obviously Kerrigan is stronger and way more durable, but I think Darth Alarak has a chance.


She didn’t exactly fight him.

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So how many suppplicants would Alarak require to match Kerrigan in pure psionic strength?

I think Kerrigan in WoL was described as a level 12 psionic entity. Not sure where a Protoss would be, especially one like Alarak, or the Primal Queen of Blades. I’d assume a fairly even fight, personally.

You mean the class 12 psionic signature detected? Only you and I believe it means a level 12 on psi index. The Emperor and Beacon believe it is a gibberish with no particular meaning.

I guess we’ll never know, but I’m inclined to believe it is the Psi Index. The Terrans invented it, it makes sense they use it to classify stuff like Kerrigan. As far as I know from Wiki, they had to reevaluate the entire scale because of Kerrigan being a (on the new scale) 10. I think the average Ghost is around 6-8, right? We don’t really know what the difference of one point on the scale means, but if Kerrigan (and Nova) are so immensely powerful them points could mean a lot. Still, only with Jorium and Terrazine could a human reach “Protoss levels of psionic powers”, so I think it is reasonable to say that a powerful Protoss is also around that 12 - if we is to assume that the 12 is her on the Psi Index - or more. Now we know for sure Alarak is powerful, and there is a possibility that Terrazine also makes him more powerful, we don’t know for sure.

So I guess take away what you will, because we don’t know how being Primal changed her power levels when it comes to psionics.

Problem is the hole class 12 psionic waveform is that the scale only goes to 10, there shouldn’t be a 12. QoB Kerrigan breaks the scale and the measurement they get is unknown. We never have seen the messurement for a protoss either, in fact I think there is a quote somewhere saying they can’t measure protoss since the hole things is designed for humans.

It is reasonable to think that the difference between 1 and 2 is a certain amount they measure somehow, and the amount is the same between 2 and 3 or 9 and 10. Of course these are probably brackets on a scale, not fixed dots. If we accept this, it is not a far reach to measure up to 12. “Add 50 grams of psionic humbug and you got yourself a Psi Index 3 Ghost.”

So the question is, is the Psi Index a linear scale or a logarithmic one. I don’t know the answer.

Kerrigan being 12 basically means that she is completeky nuts for terrans to measure.

It’s useless information.

Psi index might not be remotely correlated with the class psi waveform especially since they’re measured differently.

I don’t think Spectres approach protoss. Even with Jorium and Terrazine, they don’t approach Nova.

He blocked her attacks and then threw back her scythe to her. That’s a clear defeat.

Also, she is clearly impressed with and can’t do stuff like destroying the spear of Adun stasis pod or destroying the psi matrix crystal & door.

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Exactly. They may or may not have anything to do with each other. Which just means we’ll have to decide for ourselves.

Well only an already really powerful Ghost (like Nova) could in my mind with the help of Terrazine and Jorium. I can’t remember how much, but I read that the stuff can push you up a peg or two on the index. So I think it is possible. But then again, no information, so feel free to disagree.

Then how did they measure it?

Then why did they measure it?

And he do it all single handedly! He is so cool!

It’s for Terrans. QoB/PQoB is off their scale.

Strength vs Skill.

Only Primal Queen of ablade, Brother. The Queen of Blade is class 12.

That number 12 basically means… we have no idea. This scale goes only up to 10 and she is beyond 11.