Prestige Specialization - Heavy Weapon Specialist

Just a random theory crafting about giving prestiges some heavy specialization to make them stand out even more from their fellow prestiges and from the Vanilla commander.

Heavy Weapons Specialist:
Pros - Aside from current benefits the laser drill now regains both its calldowns.

  • Siege Tanks deal splash damage in a 50% larger area.
  • Thors now gain High Impact Payload and Explosive Payload ability to change their anti-air attacks. 330 mm cannons is retained.

Cons - Instead of removing laser drill calldowns, Swann cannot build Goliaths, Helbats/Hellions, Cyclones, and Wraiths. (coz they aren’t heavy enough)

Do you think this would be unviable or a reasonable change? I always thought P1 was a bit lackluster aside from the awesome laser drill melting whole waves from time to time.

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Just a bit imbalanced cuz now it’s got all the good stuff. Only down side is 0 variety in unit composition (which admittedly isn’t a game problem since you got your top bars + splash now).

It would put this new P1 into Swann’s best prestige category. Possibly making him even better than most CO’s, given that it is hard to gauge exactly how impactful the Tank and Thor changes are in practice. Though based on simple reading/implications they are overpowered af lol.

As is this entire proposal. One can dream :sleeping:.

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He will also suck even more early game since Thors and tanks are expensive. And the changes are meant to compensate for the lost units. Yeah we can dream for free anyway. :joy:

Why would he suck at early game?

It has its AoE drill damage, which is one of the best early games. And now it has its abilities back, which add even more to that (and throughout the game).

Or was there a misprint in your OP?

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This would be stupid strong especially on defense maps where Swann is already super strong.

But it would be WAY more fun than the current Heavy Weapons Specialist, that’s for sure.

I like it. You honestly could keep the Laser Cooldowns off of it and I’d still like it better.

There are very few prestiges that lock out any units.

That I can think of:

  • Zagara P1: no hero unit
  • Karax P2: no cannons/Monoliths
  • Abathur P1: no UEs
  • Stettman P3: no Mecha Infestors
  • Mengsk P3: no Intercessors

These at most remove 1 style but still leave multiple viable comps.

Congratulations, you turned this prestige into one that will make people turtle even more than P2 on Dead of Night :laughing:

Should we count how Swann doesn’t have Barracks or Vorazun a Robotic Facility to some extent? (though with Zerg such a cut would be harder to see since all units come from a single structure)

If you need to make units you’re going to have to wait a bit longer since the cheapest one you can build are siege tanks and your only AA are Thors and SV to an extent. So your ramp up is slower. Admittedly, Chad Laser Drill with calldowns can carry the early game.

Well terran mech is already a turtly comp. :joy: But the laser drill can’t match well placed beefy souped up turrets of p2 come late game DoN though.

Yeah, really just ‘a bit’. The difference between getting 1st Thor out vs 1st Cyclone (for example) is a delay of about 1min. Fairly significant in early game if you’re trying to do things. However, like you said, with the lasers being as they are (in this proposal) that is no an issue at all.

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You could at least keep the hellbats while disabling the hellions. After all, they are a 282 HP and 2 armor (after specific upgrade) unit (more than siege tanks).

It’s a stretch, but if so…
—For Nova P3, no Assault Mode Nova
—HH P2, missing 3 Galleons

Oh, Alarak P2, no Mothership nor Destroyers

If you’re basing it on HP, then cyclones have more than tanks… so… might as well keep that too lol.

What are the current themes of Swann prestiges?
P1 is… drill auto-attack slows prestige? Very lame.
P2 is turret prestige… but it does not upgrade the most important turret upgrade, fail…
P3 is Tank+Herc on steroids… frankly the last thing Swann needed, since its already way too effective compared to other swann stuff.

Imho Swann prestiges need to be scrapped and replaced.
But overall Swann needs changes to a lot of his units and his ramp up speed.

One of Swanns prestiges could be about calldowns, the other could be about easier combat unit spam and the third could be something defensive (loosely similar to how Karax prestiges are designed).

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P1 makes Swann easier for new players, and is really good against some mutators. So why would that be a bad thing?!

Too situational.
Prestiges should be awesome alternative ways to use the commander.

If the commander has some design issues that prevents him from being accessible/usable in certain areas then thats something that should be tweaked on a commander-level and not “fixed” by a prestige by wasting a prestige slot.

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Absolutely, we all want that! But, actually designing it well is another matter. Why don’t you post fully-fleshed-out new prestiges for Swann for community review.

Pointless waste of my time, since nothing will be implemented.
Besides plenty of Swann threads have existed before, and since he is thematically my fav commander i have posted in many.
The illustrious community review board is free to peruse those threads and gather feedback.

Lol thiccboi in debate topic again :rofl:

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LOL. So basically you just came here to whine. :man_facepalming:

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