Populations of the races

It was the 90s dude.


Third-wave feminism was already in full swing

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I’m pretty sure in '98 as well, gender neutral pronouns weren’t considered proper grammar. I remember being taught that in high school. They and they’re were catching on, but were not formally recognized yet and his/her was still what needed to be written formally.

Not to mention if you want to have gender neutral aliens, you should do it with something in mind.

It shouldn’t be a gimmick. Makes it nothing but a disservice.

Back to the topic, I have been playing through the LotV campaign. Apparently Korhal had a population of 6 billion prior to the events concerning Moebius’ assault.

Shakuras had only 194 million protoss on the planet before the zerg assaulted it. Plus the mention of at least a billion zerg traveling to Shakuras on Amon’s whim suggests that at least billions of zerg exist.

If Korhal had 6 billion humans following the events of both HotS and WoL then it can be assumed that other terran factions or major worlds have similar population numbers. A safe guess could be around 15 billion total.

As for protoss their numbers are probably a billion at most. I do not know if Aiur’s population dwarfed that of Shakuras’, but it probably did to some extent. Whether or not it did after Aiur fell is unknown to me. From the campaigns it seems like the Aiur protoss were still more numerous.

tl;dr: at least 10 billion terrans, a lot of zerg, probably only 0.5-1 billion protoss, maybe even less.

We’ll see how long that lasts.

No, you can’t. It heavily state that the Dominion has the highest resource and population. It’s unrealistic to assume that the capital planet/city of a faction has the same population despite having less resource.

Note that of all main terran worlds save Tarsonis, Korhal was arguably hit the hardest following the events of WoL, HotS, and the Brood War. It is not unfeasable for worlds like Tyrador, Moria, Umoja, or other major worlds to have a similar population. It extends to other major Dominion worlds as well.

No, it’s not. In WoL, Raynor barely left a mark. He just go in make the broadcast and left. Kerrigan was purposefully avoid civilian casualty.

The Zerg Invasion also effect mostly fringe world not any of the Core World.

Perhaps more importantly, Mengsk was making a deliberate effort to try and make Korhal the shining gem of the Dominion. Its population was massively inflated by drawing people from other worlds, so we really have no idea what effect this had on the population distribution of the Dominion.


I’m not sure I agree. The overcrowding can also be a problem, but you’re right Mengsk’s influence is something we can’t accounted for.

The Aeon Of Strife was very hard on the Protoss.