Please Remove the in-game countdown

I think this feature should not be deleted, but just be changed to be less annoying, because right now it’s really disturbing with these huge circles.


When I used to play at my Laptop I started the game with workers already mining and with 100 minerals banked so I already started behind.

This countdown is only beneficial for those people.

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One troll pretending to misinterpret a simple sentence is not my problem. People who go AFK or have bad computers should not forward the problems of their own making onto others.

You mean people just to spite you chose to use old computers? Very interesting…

Yeah I also don’t like but they don’t care, there’s a thing called “resistance to change” and well it can apply to everything they do, when people don’t like it i.e

Players: I dont like the countdown before the math
Blizz: Yeah dont worry is just resistance to change. Thanks bye

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I personally hate the countdown.


I agree with you. How come would blizzard think it’s a cool change?

It’s the starting one, buddy. And it’s really suck. Countdown on resume from pause is a nice feature.


I’m playing co-op mission.
But I think the campaign and co-op mission should add the feature. Because I don’t want to fire the middle of my pants by cigarette.
Anyone wants to do that? Remember to upload your video if you want. I am very curious.

I hear that some like this countdown or don mind having it, but also considerable amount of people do hate it. Maybe a poll wouldn’t hurt to see the popular opinion here!
Personally don like it, it is redundant to have a 2nd count down.

Blizzard please remove it. It’s irritating.

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I never said anything about their intentions, merely that their problems should not needlessly be spread to others. Spiteful people are those making trolls posts such as yourself and OldWhovian because you have nothing better to do than attempt to derail a thread on a video game forum. Say your peace and gtfo.

They need a taking a S H I T timer.

Good idea, sir. That would ACTUALLY be useful.

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Sure, except…

  1. It’s not 3 seconds, it’s 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 and pause - GO, which is incredibly disruptive.
  2. The pre-load countdown is now pointless.
  3. It’s LOUD and OBNOXIOUS

Honestly Ive already found it to be more of a benifit than an annoyance in my games. I am able to split my workers up much more easily now at the start. Before it was always a frantic effort to do so.

I personally don’t mind it really. I can understand the hate for it however.


Agreed - over the course of playing for 30 min, the flashing timer gives me a nasty headache. Why did we need this, and why in such a form as to trigger a bloody seizure?

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I have stopped playing and uninstalled because of the timer. It’s visually loud, disorienting, jarring and nauseating to look at. The reason for Blizzard adding something like this 10 years after the game’s release is beyond me.

I really hope that this awful design doesn’t cause a seizure for anyone.

The countdown is perfect, now you have time to say glhf :wink: (but it didn’t need to be so loud and flashy)

only autistic people complain about something like this because they are over sensitive to everything. Considering how much Blizzard has sped up the game since 2015 I don’t think waiting 3 seconds is going to kill anybody. I think it’s cool and like the other guy said it gives pros and high level players a minute to adjust and mentally prepare.