Please allow us to Queue up for higher B+

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I play a few rounds of co-op a week , its pretty much the only thing i have time to play anymore & have been doing this for several years. There are a lot of folks out there around my level (250-350) with their heros prestige. We are finding that the Brutal+1 just isnt enough anymore and its turning into a comp stomp. I am writing to request that we please lift the restriction that keeps us from randomly queuing for anything higher than B+1. I would also recommend that we instate some type of minimum hero level to be able to random into higher B+ to stop players from prematurely joining into the fun.

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I think the issue here is that you’d go from having one B+ queue to as many as 6-8 queues depending on how high people are willing to try climbing. You’d also potentially have a bad queue experience for people when they get mutators that require more communication like Polarity or Afraid Of The Dark.

What I think would work, and what I’d like to see, is an expansion/reshuffling of the mutators that are allowed to show up in B+. Personally I’d much rather see something like Mutually Assured Destruction, or Transmutation, or even Propagators, than yet another Missile Command or Diffusion + Life Leech!

I’d like:

  • open queueing for B+1-6 and include a table that shows what Brutal+ difficulties have someone waiting in the queue.
  • allow less mutators to appear in B+1 (allowing higher level mutators).
  • ideally make a brutal+ difficulty easier than Brutal+1.

As much as I love this idea, I still think it wouldn’t be a step in the right direction and I think it would bring more negative consequenses then positive:

  • We now have already a lot of people queueing for + not capable of carrying their own weight. I think if you open the floodgates to everybody queueing for +, a lot might just queue " to see what it looks like ".
  • It would make searching times longer: You would split up the playerbase playing on + into 6 segments (I agree that it is difficult to find someone to practise for +3 or above)
  • Imagine how much fun trolls would have here if they are set free to queue in what I consider as one of the more intensive levels of co-op.

I think the best issue to solve this is to get to know a lot of people playing on the difficulty you’re on, which you have a good synergy with and add them on discord/ use the battlenet chat to set times where you both can play.

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Hi, Corpus.

I think I’m already speaking on behalf of activision-blizzard in when I say: Thank you for your feedback and request. However doing anything with SC2 will not rake us millions of dollars like our newest money makers so unfortunately we won’t be getting back to your request any time soon.


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I don’t play mutations just boring old brutal.

But as an outsider a solution in a more ideal world with more robust development of SC2 still going might be some sort of win rate unlock que.

I’m not sure what a good % would be because you have to account for rare disconnects or quitting because of you don’t like the map, bad mutation for the map / commander situation, etc.

For argument sake though say an 75% win rate in B+ will allow one to que for B+2, 75% in +2 will allow que in +3. 10 game minimum.

This way you don’t have a noob queing say+2 looking for a carry for XP.

Queing with a party for any level should always still be fair game.