Plat Terran vs Plat Zerg

The difference in risk vs reward at lower rankings with these two races is insane.

Pretty much its all on the zerg to win the game. Terran can hardly mess up anything.

Their bases are incredibly hard to harass, you have to catch their armies moving out in order to stand a chance in defeating them.

Early game units like a BC can be countered but look what you have to do just because a Terran pressed the warp button.

  • You need to scout it or you are dead
    -You need multiple queens or you are dead
    -You need to pull all drones or they die ( already a major win no matter what )
    -You need to waste ALL energy on transfuses (Huge win for Terran)

You need to do so much just to stop a Auto attacking moving flying fortress that can blindly warp in

Tanks will literally trade infinitely into your ground army if you dont catch them unsieged.

PFs, Mines, Walls, Mules (MULES I mean I am on 6 bases but your minerals are the same as mine on 3? Thats Terran for you)

I highly disagree that Terran is a brain race until you make it to Masters until then most of us have to work alot harder than them

Go play Terran, I guarantee that you’re wrong about this.

It’s an RTS, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Not like you don’t have overlords to do that anyway.

You should be making multiple queens for creep spread and inject anyway so this is irrelevant. It’s not uncommon to see a minimum of 4 creep queens or more because they’re so good.

BC costs 400/300. It’s the most expensive unit in the game. You need to get a lot more than just “pulling drones” for it to be even somewhat successful.

It’s really not. Especially if you don’t get much else.

The most immobile ground unit into the game trades well into things! You know that tanks can’t fire if you get on top of them right? they have a minimum range. And Zerglings specifically trade extremely well with them because of numbers and how quickly they can close the gap. Plus, Vipers completely negate them with blinding cloud!

PFs - Arguably the most immobile race needs to be able to get back to defend bases since we don’t have recall or creep to boost our movement speed, so yeah PFs are important. They’re also 550/150 per PF. Also PFs, bunkers and turrets can all be blinded by blinding cloud.

Mines - Skill check. We’re forced to split against banes, this forces you (somewhat) to split against mines. It literally balances and equalizes things out. I get that it can feel BS, but frankly speaking given how quickly a Zerg can remax on an army and how Terran production works it makes it 100% necessary.

I will say mine drops in mineral lines are a pain but they’re arguably weaker now than they’ve ever been in history with mines requiring armoury for cloaking, showing which target they’re going to hit, taking longer to burrow than they used to with DC (though it’s still fast), and indicating whether or not they have access to cloaking. In the past, none of that existed.

Mules are 100% necessary too given how many workers are constantly being pulled off the mineral line to build production, depots, turrets, walls, command centers etc. Off 3 bases, mules aren’t going to be doing much. With the Iron Bank, sure but that’s literally a minimum of 6+ orbitals in order to do that, usually more, with each of them being 550 minerals per orbital.

Then you’ve never played Terran and don’t know what it takes. I’m not saying Terran is harder than Zerg, nor am I saying it’s harder than toss. I’m also not saying it’s easier either. Different races are different.

Terran specifically relies on getting damage done and hitting those tight timings. The higher up the ladder you go, the tighter those timings need to be, sometimes to the point of being completely useless if you miss it by 5-10 seconds because you’ve given the opponent enough time to get up the counters or build up enough to hold.

They’re extremely precise with how they spend their minerals and gas the higher up you go for their opening build orders.

There’s plenty of players of every race where I sit there and go “How the f* did you make it to plat/diamond when you play like this?”


I recently defended a one-base BC rush with Marine support. He also hid his tech. It was proxy everything. It can be done and most Terrans don’t play like that.


Actually you are completely wrong. I played Terran literally for a day and ended at about 3100 MMR whereas I have played hundreds of games as zerg and float around 2800.

So yeah.

Ok what was the OP about? Risk/Reward and you want to mention scouting? Super Ironic, Since scouting with an Overlord at Plat level is much riskier than losing Mule income that you shouldnt have to begin with.

Do you understand how the Matchmaking system works? Or are you just full of it?

Yes you do need multiple Queens but being forced to get them before a BC comes in then needing to locate them all in a base because a BC blindly warps in is a huge hit to zerg regardless of anything. If I have to use Energy on transfuses to figth a BC you already won. Not to mention if I dont pull my entire mineral line you can kill them before a BC dies to 3x queen. So you win economy. I dont think you actually know wtf you are talking about. Where is the risk forr terran considering the worst outcome is you stall econ and waste queen energy then stroll off the side of the platform out of range. So yeah risk/reward once again. DW Ill keep responding to your braindead reasoning.

What are you talking about? You actually don’t. You are acting like you can’t use a BC after it hits a base? You can use the unit infinitely if you dont just let it die considering unlike anyone else Terran can almost instantly repair this unit to full for a nearly nothing mineral cost. Then you pretty much can use it again. Yamato can at least kill a queen or other unit in one hit every time you attack. BC trading is probably the easiest thing in the game to get a return on.

I would love for you to tell me about a harass from any other race that can disrupt as much as a BC for less? Yeah you absolutely cant because 400/300 is a SUPER LOW cost for how much a BC can do and if you proxy it then its even better because it actually CANNOT be lost.

Wait wasting your energy on 4-5 transfuses isnt a big win for the Terran but let me guess if you had to scan you would say that its fair to get a free unavoidable scout because you lose your free emergency instant minerals or supply right? You know that crazy perk you get as Terran as an OS buttom for pretty much a macro mistake that no one else is allowed to make. But you are gonna tell me forcing zerg to use 5 transfuses isnt anything because you big brain blind warped into their base with your flying auto attack fortress?

If you dont get much else? You are getting player micro, Pulled workers, relocated queens, Queen energy, Lost income, you are def killing something most of what you are getting is rewarded just because you warped the unit into the base that you had no vision on. Meanwhile Toss/Zerg have to have vision, multiple units to do the same thing early game. and by the way Ventrals ultimately cost alot more than a BC and a early drop from zerg is alot more costly than 400/300

Read the quote again buddy. If you run all your lings at tanks that definitely are not moving accross the map without Marines you are losing your whole army. So exactly like I said it is on the ZERG player once again to catch the Terran player and also have enough macro to keep creep spread up. The Terran just needs to hope the Zerg cant Macro thats it. if you siege up your tanks you have nothing to worry about as Terran in Plat level gameplay as long as the ZERG player didnt do multiple things. There is nothing you need to do as a Terran. So once again the Terran wins by default if the Zerg player doesnt do multiple things right. Sieging a tank isnt hard.

You can build and repair walls. you can repair all of your structures infinitely. That is plenty to allow you to get back to your base which you can defend like everyone else has to. Even if this is the way Terran is designed and this is the reason. It still means one thing. Its another thing you dont have to do as Terran that Protoss and Zerg do have to do. The fact that you have automated defense that is there 24/7 to deal with attacks on your base doesnt win you an argument that your race is somehow harder for that.

Skill check? you can put mines randomly all over the map and in spots where your mineral like can be harassed and they are invisible. Splitting vs banes is laughable as well since they instantly die pretty much to anything. Every Terran acts like splitting is a big deal when its absolutely not at all and its super easy to do. Mines are another unit that is fire and forget that Terran has. they are designed to never need micro just like almost anything else you have. And when we are talking about Plat level gameplay it makes it a super strong unit you can just plop and it does all the work for you.

WHAT??? LMFAO Mules need to be removed from the game and are probably the dumbest solution to you needing to pull SCVs. I have to sac a drone every time I need a structure too. You can repair your buildings. Having an emergency MASSIVE income boost is an absolute handicap. Mules shouldnt be in the game at all and acting like you are at some disadvantage when you need to pull an SCV to build just shows how a Terran Brain works.

Once again I did play Terran and I did get alot higher Rating than my Zerg which I have been playing alot longer. There were a multitude of things I didnt need to worry about while playing Terran that I cannot say for Zerg. Not to mention there are polls where thousands of players came to the conclusion that Terran is braindead until everyone has gotten good enough at the game to deal with them. THEN it gets harder for Terran. But up until Masters Terran is the easiest thing in the game.

Okay, so you didn’t play Terran at all.

Short version, the match making system literally took your main race MMR and gave a rough estimate of where you might be with another race. It guestimates that quite generously based on your placement matches. There are 2 MMR ratings, an actual, and a provisionary. It usually takes a minimum of 25-50 games minimum to stabilize that MMR rating.

Again, you act like you’re not getting them anyway, and you act like the BC doesn’t cost a ton of resources in itself. It’s literally more than a command centre.

No, it isn’t. I get that you want to only make queens and drones, and nothing else, but using transfuse energy isn’t that much of an issue when you’re:

A) Forcing damage on BCs that the Terran has to repair to keep the BC usable
B) keeping most of your drones/queens alive for mining/later use.

The Transfuse energy isn’t enough for a Terran going BCs. Pulling workers off a mineral line - usually transferring them to another one so they’re still mining - isn’t enough for the cost of the infrastructure that you’re getting that early in the game for the BCs, and the cost of the BC itself. It’s a massive commitment.

Considering that I actively play both Terran and Zerg, regularly watch pro-level matches, and review pro replays as well as my own, I definitely know what I’m saying.

I never said you can’t. But for the cost of the BC that early on, the trade off has to be worth it.

It’s like going “I’m going to roach rush off 2 bases” and making a bunch of roaches, then never going over to attack or pressure them. You’ve put yourself in the hole for no reason.

If you get significant damage done with those roaches that you’ve heavily committed to, then your roaches have paid for themselves. If you don’t get much, or any damage - even trading army for just army - then your roaches haven’t paid for themselves and you’re behind while they’re ahead.

The risk/reward is the cost of the unit, the infrastructure to build it and the cost of the repair which, while not significant, is still something to take into account.

Lets look at it this way. I build 1 BC. One BC costs 400/300, plus 150/150 for the fusion core for a total of 550/400. Lets say that minerals and gas are worth 1-1 ratio. Drones are 50 minerals. That is a minimum of 14 drones plus mining time off the mineral line, and a queen or two just to break even on the cost of making 1 BC. Plus the build time makes you extremely vulnerable to early attacks too.

Which is another 150/150 on top, and usually if you’re getting yamato you’re also getting another 2 BCs minimum drastically raising the sunk cost.

Sure, but at best you’re looking at breaking even usually, not doing crippling damage. It’s precisely why BC openings are so rare in pro-play these days.

It’s literally the most expensive unit in the game.

DTs. Nydus worms. Oracles. Bane runbys or bane-drops. In fact, Bane runbys were specifically nerfed in the latest patch because they were so disruptive to toss.

Depends on the stage of the game. Scan comes at opportunity cost - and I get that this is what you’re implying - but honestly the cost of scan isn’t really a big deal either; especially for players of our calibre.

Supply depot drop would be better removed from the game; it’s a position I’ve pretty much always held because it’s actually free minerals, unlike mules which replace the economy of Terran early on where they’re constantly pulling workers off to make production, bases, walls, depots and other things.

Did you really just say that a unit that costs 400/300 costs more than a one time 100/100 upgrade? Really? Plus the morph of the overlord which is 25/25? That’s hillarious. 4 banes is 200/100 + 100/100 for the one time upgrade, + the 25/25 of the overlord morph. 325/225 is the total cost.

I’m not arguing that the BC’s Tac-jump is a stupid ability - that was never in question; just like all map-folding abilities (Warp gate, recall, mass recall, nydus worms), it shouldn’t be in the game, but frankly speaking without Tac-jump BCs were quite literally never used and were a flying paperweight at best.

The unit just straight up needs a redesign.

Basic macro is something every player needs to be able to do. If you’re getting to plat as Zerg without basic macro skills then you frankly didn’t deserve to be there.

This line alone makes the rest of your post completely invalid and indicates how much of a joke you actually are. The Terran isn’t just blindly a-moving into their opponent, that’s a recipe for losing the game outright through a very one-sided battle in Zerg’s favour. Splitting, kiting, focus firing are all things the terran must do in the fight, assuming that the terran has already pre-sieged and somewhat pre-spread.

Also if you’re losing to one or two tanks with Zerglings, you deserve to lose. Frankly speaking, low tank counts are rarely ever an issue for Zerg. By the time tank-counts ever become an issue they can already have vipers out.

“OH BUT MUH PLAT PLAY” - Your opponents are also plat. You actively need to get better.

See, statements like this are how I know you haven’t played Terran even a day in your life, contrary to your earlier statements. I’d check your profile but either you play on EU, or you’re using an alt account for some reason since you don’t actually have many games played.

Yes, Skill check. You know what happened when mines were introduced? There was a huge outcry from Zerg players because zergs suddenly had to learn to micro instead of a-moving like they used to in WoL.

Much the same as how terrans have to vs banes, disruptors, storm etc.

Do you know how frequently I see zerg players bathe in storms? It’s astounding how they just sit there and ignore the fact that they’re taking an 80 damage spell to the face. I’ve seen Zerg players whine about the fact that they lost games and how BS protoss is despite eating storm after storm after storm. It’s legitimately hillarious.

Sure Jan. /s

You also don’t need to build 50+ buildings every game, and you get to replace that drone almost immediately because the supply gets used. Terran SCVs are vulnerable during production and spend extended amounts of time off the mineral line.

After Terrans reach that 200 supply cap, then Mules become less necessary since SCVs spend a lot more time mining than building.

Side-note; sacking SCVs in late-game has become less and less common to a point too.

X for doubt, since you said, and I quote:

One day is not enough to claim you have played Terran. Especially not to claim you have an accurate MMR rating on your Terran level given how MMR works for new placements. Since the game differentiates between each race individually (though somewhat taking into account the level of your main race), your Terran MMR is boosted by the way new placements occur.

And there are thousands of players, and interviews with pro-players, and plenty of random players who say otherwise.

So what’s your point? Opinion is just that, opinion. No one race is harder than any other race. Different races are different. I find Zerg to be significantly easier to play than both Protoss and Terran, but that’s just me.

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Actually I did on Krylix my other account.

As fir all that you wrote I already responded to you once and am not going back to read that novel where you just end up being wrong about everything.

Sorry I know you main Terran and just want to feel like you don’t play the easiest race in the game.

Delusional diamond Terrans everywhere.

This intrigues me because I’ve mostly heard the opposite opinion; that Scan/Depot is more interesting because of how it makes the Depots into priority targets.

I would argue that you do have to pay for the Overlord since it very often dies in this.

The mitigating factor there being that you can pay it piecemeal and decide to do it ad-hoc – You can’t with BCs, since if they come out late they’re very mediocre, whereas Baneling drops are much more likely to hit their average effectiveness.

This is unfortunate, because the post is very good content.