Patch 5.0 - Cleared All Anniversary Achievements; Ladder Issues; Coop Leveling Disorder

Gonna flex and say that I have completed all the achievements that are possible except for the bugged ‘Contract Saviors’, haha. Enjoyed myself, though it was a hassle for quite a number of them. Granted that some of them still have issues, and need specific strategies to make it easier, can be found here:

[UPDATE] Cleared all achievements.


Came back out of campaign only to find ladder in a mess with the CC bug. :frowning:

Also there seem to be a lot of discontent with the Coop Prestige but I’m not quite sure what is going on. Is it just too time consuming?

A lot of people would prefer to choose what prestige they unlock, rather than having to level up to 15 two more times, just to get to the prestige they want.


If I understand correctly, at current level of 15, people already get 1 prestige that they want. In order to unlock 2 more, they need to do the levelling process twice. Plus, they will need to level to 15 one last time after the 3rd prestige has been unlocked?

When you’re above level 15, you can choose to either re-level for a prestige, or level for ascension/mastery points. You unfortunately, have to unlock each prestige in a certain order, a lot of the more exciting prestiges are level 3, or at the bottom of the list, so you have to first level up to 15 initially, then re-level to 15 3 more times to get that specific prestige

Ah okay. Yes, that sucks definitely. They should at least let people choose after all the effort they have been through. They may want more people to spend game time, but then the alternative can be to let people choose their first, but the other 2 will be in a fixed order. At least that’s a middle ground or something.

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I agree. although, apparently the majority will get one of the better prestige abilities, then won’t bother getting the other two, if that was the case.

I would’ve at least liked a achievement system, but according to my post, Better Prestige system will be... [achievements], some people will feel obliged to get all the achievements.

No one will ever be able to fully enjoy something without some backlash or objections i guess.

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Ummm…It’s OK. I can take a rest if I feel tired. I’m not sure when the next update will be. It’s not necessary for me to get all Coop prestige, take it easy.

Agree. The second prestige ability of Artanis isn’t the style that I like. I like the third. But I can take it slowly.

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Ummmm…Actually, many players try to get everything done as soon as possible. Eh… I think it’s a work habit rather than a gaming habit.

If you play one game in a row and you’re going to be miserable. Stop for a cup of coffee, chat with friends, read your company report, or check the stock.

Someone mentioned it was about 1,000 brutal victories to get all prestige if you already had all level 15 commanders to begin with. I think that was with the war chest upgrade too. I don’t think it’s too much, but if you’re trying to grind it out for a quick achievement, you’re not going to have a fun time (:

that’s a good philosophy

yeah, true.

I hated my life leveling all those commanders to 15 recently. I only enjoy a few of them, mostly the Zerg ones. I was so happy when I was done. No way in hell I’m going to get the new achievements for all of them.

They actually didn’t add new commander achievements, only campaign achievements for the 10th anniversary.

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Oh thank god. I haven’t looked yet. I’d love to do the campaign ones though!

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Yep can enjoy playing again. Though you can’t complete all cause one of the achievements is bugged. A few others more difficult cause of how it is programmed.

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I have try to restart the terran campaign to have only mercenary and no reserch ,no upgrades … doesn’t work :’(

Don’t quite get what you mean. Unless you aren’t playing at a decent level, then you may actually need research and upgrades to make your life easier. :slight_smile:

glad i found this. so i can still get achievement w/o contract saviors? very frustrating i kept winning that mission so many different ways and still couldn’t get

Check out the linked thread.

Just tried the 1st prestige. Am I understanding this wrongly? You sacrifice 15 levels for a prestige. In order words, since there are 3 prestiges, you essentially need to level up 4 times in order to enjoy all of them at max level.

So it isn’t 2 more times but 3 more times (assuming that most ppl are max hero level when they start)?

yeah XD, I misspoke.

you don’t really sacrifice prestige though, you just reset to level 1 for the prestige, then you can access your ascension levels when you get to lvl 15 again.