3-2 match score, down to the wire on the last game = no chance. k.

3-2 match score, down to the wire on the last game = no chance. k.

Can you imagine PartinG 3-0’ing maru with the atrocious state protoss is in right now?

You are asking for miracles from god himself. Its not possible. Literally it isnt.

If you actually looked at the games, you saw maru only won because of map. Look at the second game Parting couldnt micro dance into the main because tanks are broken. If you cant kill them you cant win and you cant do damage.You know why? because tanks are way too cost efficient for the ‘skill’ they require.Map design allowed Maru to freewin that by making tanks.

The anti micro unit.

The third game was literally parting showing off how pathetic collosi are in there current state versus marauder based armies. They dont do any DPS at all. yet marauders are cheap enough to overwhelm any protoss army.

Then maru does the thing every terran seems to do split his army in 2 groups of marauder deathballs. And protoss cant even defend 1 position because protoss army requires permanent godtier micro to be cost efficient. and splitting makes tech units extremely weak from toss.


dIdN’t EvEn StAnD a ChAnCe

What? Parting slapped the PatchTerran Maru…again?
Or you are speaking about the past victory?
Please don’t tell me that “No GG, F.U no GG” did it again.

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It was 3-2, wtf game are you are talking about ?

Parting has been destroying Maru forever.

There was an interview of Maru’s mom a few years ago. Maru’s mom even randomly said Maru dislikes Parting…Parting has maru shook LOL

Could Parting be the next boss-toss? the post is vacant after Stats slump

only MC can be called the Boss-Toss seriously.

Dude, Parting played really, really well. He’s annoying and I hope to God he doesn’t win, but as a player, he’s simply the best (Rain, I think, was better, but not as exciting).

Parting’s just an annoying child. He’s the Korean Avilo, except good. People who hate Terran players simply like anyone who talks smack about them, no matter how immature. Just like Batz’ obsession with that Toxic garbage, Idra.

It’s not a lifelong post, and wasn’t MC the protoss president, not boss?

that was literally his nickname when he played sc2.

taken from liquidpedia

Alternate IDs:

SK.MC, oGsMC, oGsSK.MC, La[ScM], La[gm], IrOn[KaL], AAHero_gm, Flounder, JangMinChul, MinChul, WhyManMC


Boss Toss

From what I’ve seen of parting he’s not really like avilo who balance rages all day. Parting was just arrogant and pompous trash talker which many people find entertaining.

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He cries about imba, he talks non-stop trash about his opponents, he always begs for subs, he’s immature as hell. Anti-Terran whiners will be all on his jock, though, because hypocrisy doesn’t exist I guess.

Not saying you’re wrong but I, myself, never heard him go on balance rants like avilo. Granted I don’t watch a lot of him I tune in for a game or two on his stream once in a while.

Everything else I agree with but that’s personality. He’s just a pompous showman. That’s his flair

I can see why people dont like him. His attitude can be really hard to read or to accept. He is not meaning what he is saying. If he does something stupid he calls himself out. He being a brainless noob and always talks about him being a Virgin.
Sometimes he Drops his attitude and hes the most Chill guy ever. He is the Clown the memstermind with a sh!tty Mic on purpose. Who twerks for 20 Dollars on stream. Who Drinks on stream until he sings for 10 Minutes straight until he finally throws up. And that as a 400k earnings former gsl champ Who is currently performing very well :smiley: or how he was open for trashtalk after he lost vs a diamond 2 zerg at the holdout challenge. He Played sad music and fake cried for 2 Minutes and let rifkin flame him for being a noob. He eventually cried for a rematch to Show that he is better :rofl:

But he never balancewhines. Idk where You got this from.

Also: people like idra or heromarine are straight bm. While idra was a cool and badass Person behind that attitude. Heromarine is just pure cringe.

LOL, one of the most disgusting faces of Starcraft casting - Rifkin, called Parting a noob?
Usually i would rate Avilo much higher that the disgusting potty-mouth Rifkin Piece od S.h.i.t.

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Yeah but in a jokingly Manner ofc.
Huh? Im sry i dont know what he did. Im not American so i dont get to watch him often and thats why i dont know the stories about him. What did he do ?

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Ah ok thats why. Yeah i really like to know what happend between playa and rifkin :smiley: gonna wait till playa replies here.
Yeah its true that rifkin is like really way more interested in entertaining. He is like tasteless he always talks about off topic stuff.