Painful moments of having to rebuild/recover?

I’d imagine some of us have gotten good enough that “fires don’t even start”, let alone “having to put them out”. However, for those that had situations where they had to recover, what were they, and how’d that work out?

—In general, losing workers sucks.
I’ve learned on DoN that if you’re on the left side, you need a couple of towers or their equivalents or else Hunterlings will make play things of them. Replacing 10 of them really puts a hamper on the engine.

Especially on DoN, every now and then, I look over and realized my base took a hit b/c I was too focused on taking out infested huts. At least I had surplus in some cases while I got my geysers resaturated. And min line from 5 to 10 to… something close to 27 (sometimes, it was late enough that even near full saturation wouldn’t have mattered).

—Replacing Ascendants
I don’t really use them, but even the few times I did, the worst I had was to replace a couple of them, who were at very low stacks anyways. If my ally does make them, I be sure to protect them since those alone will go a long way towards victory!

—Having to rebuild Karax towers
I learned it’s better to focus on one or 2 areas rather than spreading yourself thin. It’s very wasteful and painful to have to keep replacing these b/c the few get obliterated and you need to rebuild from scratch :frowning:

—Dehaka dying 3 times within the first 5 minutes of the game.
important since I was trying to get the achievement…
Power Leveling - - Reach level 6 with Dehaka within the first 6 minutes on Hard difficulty.
… Failed. But I do take comfort that despite dying 3 times, I came close. And, I was lv14 (so no Mastery pts available at that time). Manage to get it my next game (mastery pts now available again)

—Nova replacing units
I was on no prestige back then (before the system came out). Wasn’t paying attention on VL, Lings and Banalings spawned nearly right on top of her infantry units. I managed to save a few, but whole squad got wiped out. Luckily, my ally was able to cover, and I shifted to air to cover.

—HH P2
For one game, I was losing enough Wraiths that despite the 50% reduction in cd, I was actually getting limited by the charges! Stuck in a pair of Vikings to compensate, but that was all that was needed. I got better a micro-ing Wraiths to not die so quickly.

–Kerrigan dying on last wave of VL
I Quick Leap her into the enemy wave and hit Immobilization Wave. Except, no wave. Turns out, it still had a few seconds of cd left! :open_mouth: She promptly gets killed, and we’re left with a ginormous wave to tackle; without the Queen of Blades. Did NOT recover from this one

I had a painful Zagara ally who went only scourge against the protoss Corsairs. Watching all of them just explode because they were so tightly bunched up made me face palm. We lost that one since I was P1 Nova and the goliaths just weren’t enough to take out their air.

During my early days before prestige, I was on VP I had about 6 ghosts moving across the bottom right of the map. Then enemy wave spawns (banelings), I took my eyes off my army for a few second to my workers to collect crystals. When put my camera back to my army, I was wondering why my ghost were gone :rofl:

We still finished the mission but after that, I always had Nova on Assault mode and avoid making bio when faced with baneling comp. Lesson learned!

One good thing about losing Karax’s towers is than you can rebuild somewhere else :slight_smile: Imo that’s one big advantage Swann always had over Karax.

One time I was on MalWarfare map a while back, my partner who was lvl 6 or 7 Vorazun, was doing 2nd bonus. We had sky terrans, Amon’s banshees took out his army within a few seconds because he didn’t have detectors! I was playing p1 Raynor at the time and only built 2 CCs for scans. I was covering scans for him all through out the mission and ran out of energy. Those banshees flew across to our bases and took out most things. My hyperion was off CD. We ended losing that mission.

After that I always build at least 3 CCs if a mission requires constant detection when I play p1 Raynor. Lesson learned!

Just got off a Horners P2 game in P&P where the hybrid dom psi-stormed my whole Reaper blob at the last base. And then I lost 1 BC. And a minute after the hybrid got released so I only had 4 vikings and 3 BCs without any Han units and all my calldowns were on CD. Not to mention, my partner was a lvl 1 Stetmann too but he was a diligent player that carried himself. All in all we won but that was probably the worst fall from grace I had recently.

Wow I thought I was the only one not spamming CCs like they were supply depots as Raynor.

I just carry on with the pain. Going 12 workers and then losing some of that meant your economy will take a very massive hit lol.

This is more or less most painful when it is on DoN. Then your wonderful ally guarantees you again that they got it :wink: . Then let a few infested slip by while their army stands there taking a chill break.

Very funny recent story. Brutal +1, and the mutations were concussive (the thing that slows you down), nukes on the map, and blacked out map. Ally was Stukov P1 (so he was going diamondbacks). He kept losing his entire army to the nuke. It didn’t help that the enemy army slows you down when they hit you. It wasn’t like I could solo the mission either. I had to wait for him to rebuild his army every time (because the map was with Jinara). The mission took like 10 minutes longer than normal because of this… He was using the Aleksander and apocalisk to push Jinara at the start too… lol

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Cringe noises x 10

I would mayhe recommend Starport first vs protoss air. Open with marine/goliath/Raven and then transition into mass Raven/Liberator. When you get enough Libs the Corsair, Void Rays and Interceptors will be simply deleted and you always have the wave delete button with the Ravens (mass seeker missile via rapid fire).

Having those few Goliath is always good though and much easier to micro 2-4 Goliath into locking down individual air units than mass Goliath. Marines remain a good mineral dump (can drop some Hellbats to clean up Zealots or what have you if necessary).

I thought I posted this story already but maybe it got lost in the ether. My worst effort recently was losing my whole army as Zaratul P1 when a wave spawned behind my army while I was fighting a ship wave and base on Void Launch. Worst part was that I could have simply used the Void Seeker to cloak my army but I forgot clean about it (the hardest part of P1 imo!).

P3 Swann. 12 tanks, 6 goliaths and 4 SCV’s. I’m usually good about catching the vipers with a dummy Herc and using the drill to kill him.

I didn’t… And it was explosive threat. Got pulled into the scourge that killed the Herc, and my troops landed on the banelings waiting below. 55 supply, 2900 minerals and 2100 gas gone in an instant.

I’ve also had a few close calls on DoN. If my ally swears that he’ll defend and not push out at all… Then I’m not coming back home at night. Most recent one was me running P3 Raynor. Lost all my SCV’s but mules kept me going, then lost most of my supply depot’s the next night. Luckily I had a massive fleet at that point and didn’t need to rebuild, finishing off the last group of buildings before I lost everything. I even grabbed the bonus with my Calldowns.

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I was hoping that the Zagara had enough AA to handle the air so I could take out the trains with tanks while goliaths could stun the air units. ~throws glitter~ Mission failed.

Heavy Siege Tanks don’t do very good single target damage compared to, for instance, Swanns Siege Tanks or, more importantly, Nova’s Liberators.

To make the strategy work you would have had to go ham on the missile turrets I think especially as the train waves are too spread out for Air Strikes.

Ever seen what a group of spider mines can do to a train? Deletion every time. Lol

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Maybe Raynor can afford to delete trains with Spider Mines but I don’t think Nova can?

Anyway, Libs delete trains AND protoss air. Seems win-win to me. Something to try next time maybe? :grin:

Nova’s tank + mines definitely can delete trains lol.

Like I said…I was hoping Zag was going to be more useful in terms of taking out the air.

For single target damage, you’re better of un-sieging (IIRC, this applies to both Versus and Coop). It’s only more overall DPS when splash damage is dealt. Longer distance would be another advantage. Swann with his +40 damage is different however.

some phat aoe spell on my maxed population of stacked flying H&H reapers.

all i had after that were 5 galleons and a few ravens.

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It’s usually Plasma Burst in my experience, I lost 70 supply of Corsair once from one. Of course, Seeker Missile, Parasitic Bomb and Psistorm can also give you a bad day but rarely with such sudden finality.