Our beloved Aommaster quits

Aommaster, the author of starcraft2coop has announded The End.

Thanks a lot Aommaster for being around for so long and providing us the most useful tools for our community.

I was (still am) your Twitch follower so if you feel like playing a game in future surely please stream it. I wish you all the best buddy as you are already missed!


Indeed. It was a good run.

I hope whatever is happening is for the better. Good luck Aom :+1: .

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Wow, he’s straight up nuking himself from SC2. That’s wild. I can understand leaving content creation and hosting his site, but the community as a whole? Wow.

Then again, can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve seen this all too often.

Had to happen eventually, though honestly I’d say the mode is still doing pretty well all things considered.

Here’s to raising a glass to Aom and coop in general, best of luck to him.

Hopefully other games will pick up the coop torch with similar quality, and we’ll have new experiences like it in the future.

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Let’s face it without any new content coop is a dead/dying mode. Maybe people would move on to arcade made coop modes but only those who have a duo or are brave and patient enough to recruit playmates. Thanks for sticking around though. See you on the next game.

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Please don’t listen to terry

… don’t those go hand in hand? I’m assuming if he’s not going to be playing anymore more games of Coop, then he may as well leave the community, no?

I’d assume that even if we had steady new content, he may have quit anyways, as life getting in the way would supersede even that.

No, not always. Sometimes people will remain in for a little while as a background type of person.

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I learned so much from the site, much gratitude to him.

Which commander should I play tonight in honor of his merit…

Going by the avatar-sake… Stukov

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