One Map away from

…having a full terran Ro4.
TERRAN GSL : 7 (Soon 8).
Zerg and Protoss : 4.
Terran WESG : Everysingle one of them.
Protoss tournament won since September 2017(Neeb’s 3rd WSC) : 3 (x2 Super GSL, Asus Rog).

Protoss last 8 Patches : Overall nerfs.
Terran last 5 Patches : Buff BUFF.
Innovation : Whinner
Hotel :Trivago


terran getting buffed this patch because they “feel” economically behind

interesting how PvZ has “felt” completely impossible if zerg just “scouts” for the last decade but Blizz takes no action. meanwhile terran can play a 3CC game, be objectively ahead in economy the entire game while harassing with potentially game ending, low commitment attacks and they are getting another free upgrade (siege mode)

time to race switch. the rest of master league is already switched race might as well join them


You know what’s crazy?

Terran is so absurdly strong right now that even innovation is saying, on the record, that Terran is favored.

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T is stong until its a PvT match up and then they are lower then mere mortals. and get curb stomped. I lost my last 20 PvT in a row, heading back towards 30%. guess I need to L2P even though my TvT and TvZ is closer to 60%

P players. stalkers are weak. look at stalkers gateway units sucks. and then maru happens. guess he needs to L2P as well. or maybe its the zealot or the templer or the dark templer that’s the weak gateway unit… I keep getting confused on which unit is weak.

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Also one map away from having 50/50 split between T and P.


Also cherry picking tournaments isn’t hard.
WCS Global Finals:

First place: 1T, 2P, 4Z
Runner-up: 1T, 1P, 5Z

Now let’s go for wider look.
If you look at all premier tournaments wins in 2019:
First place: 11Z, 3T, 3P
Runner-up: 10Z, 3T, 4P
If you look at all premier tournaments wins in 2018:
First place: 9Z, 4T(all maru), 2P
Runner-up: 3Z, 2T, 10P!

You might notice other problem than Terran following these.

BTW in major tournaments the split for 2019 is roughly equal with small P favor: 15P, 12Z, 10T

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What? How do you have multiple first and second place for one tournament?

Another way to see it is also: one map away from 2 protoss and 2 terran in the Ro4

The parting win was considered an upset and the innovation win was what was expected to happen. Had Maru won as expected by the community it would have been an all Terran round of 4. I think the opening post’s assessment is a fair one.

you aren’t the brightest one, are you