Once players found out how to play around Blinding Cloud

…players dont use it anymore.

Now everyone knows just how crappy that ability is.

Tell me, when was the last time you saw blinding cloud used at the pro level? I dont play anywhere near pro and I never seen it get used.

Pretty sure only avilo used it a lot in each match up.

the problem is the design. Not sure how you can buff it without completely breaking it.

but Blinding Cloud does its job.
if you want to attack tank+ bio.

your assuming terrans wont have ghosts which makes vipers useless.

there are zerg styles where you go to hive relatively quickly.
~ 9min, mass ghost starts ~15min.

your assuming a zerg pushes out at 9 min.

and thats proof an ability sucks if the only use for it is during a timing window

you are evolving into the position.
example: with ling bane you can make a timing attack ~6-7min after that you go to hive → viper for BC against tanks and PB to reduce the medi count.

or if you play heavy on Roach, vipers are also an interesting addition.

Also can add evo chambers for recharge vipers if get emped

Literally just saw a game Dark vs. Byun ? where it was used quite a bit - particularly the game where Dark was abusing broodlings. The ability works great. The counter is obviously feedback/EMP. I don’t know how you think an ability that disables the units affected by it is bad.

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