Old Friend vs New Friend

Why Zeratul calling Artanis old friend in the 1st mission of LotV? Haven’t they known each other for ~5 years? Isn’t Zeratul hundreds of years old? Cmon blizzard.

Just because youre a long-lived species doesnt mean 5 years isnt a lot of time to know somebody. They dont experience time any differently.

if you measure age time in centuries rather than decades, a long time definitely has a different meaning, the same way geological time is different than our perception of it. The dust bowl lasted a decade, a decent amount of years for a human. In the geological perspective, thats nothing. Ice ages can last hundreds if not thousands of years. The most recent one only ended 150 years ago, and theres noone alive to remember it. This is why elves are often so different than humans in fantasy; they experience time differently because they live so much longer than humans. Protoss are space elves.

I thought they were “orcs in space” xD.

Sod awff, ya git, wif u sarkasm.