Not ENTIRELY Starcraft - but Starcraft Related

The idea is, to take select units from SC+BW+SC2 - and have them inserted into Diablo One; probably gotta rework the spells and stuff, but keep it simple, just spell books + leveling up, upgrade your “base attack”/abilities “spells” etc… Perhaps don’t allow massive units (in the tight quarters of the cathedral and the catacombs at least), and definitely don’t allow air units (except maybe a couple interceptors from say a High Templar, even allow two high templar PLAYERS, to meld into an archon and they have to share… and yes EVEN DTs into DAs) and before you say DT would be too op, since they’re going up against the demonic forces of Hell… They can see the DT because they can see their aura/psi etc etc or like “the hidden” can act as obs, and the scavengers could smell them and be detection too etc etc. The higher level demons down in the caverns and hell being conscious enough spiritually to sense the DTs.

Anyone feel free to contribute to this, vs some mamby pamby saying “Oh that’s a nice idea you have there, time to S#!T all over it, and kill your dreams…etc etc.” :man_facepalming:

If we’re getting the big dogs involved (Blizz / activision / ms etc) they need to reboot the D1 world / game - IN VR / Augmented reality… and be able to swap out any of the blizzard franchises - except Overwatch! #Cringe. They all give off the vibe that they’d be fighting against the Lord of Terror, OW seems too “detached” from the other Franchises. I never really delved into the Lore/Story of Overwatch I’ll admit, I was never “into it”.

Warcraft they already have portals and stuff, and SC somebody could have opened a wormhole or something, or sensed the disturbance in “sanctuary” and decided to send YOU + Your friends to Tristram :+1:

Wouldn’t it make more sense to ask that on diablo forum?

Perhaps, but they don’t even have D1 forum available, so shrug all about ruining their best franchise / IP :man_facepalming: it’s on me to “make sense” but not a lick of sense comes out of the gaming industry :+1: FeelsGoodMaan. . . Glad I was smart enough to stop feeding the 1st world problem known as gaming, pretty sure Skyrimjob was the last “new game” I bought. “You have phones don’t you…” That absolute insult was the final nail in the coffin. An industry incapable destine to die since it can’t take direction from their customers, since they’ve got them in between a rock and a hard place - you know, with how nearly ALL entertainment (gaming especially) is drivel that one must suspend reality for, after having paying 80 or whatever reality notes aka $$$.

This is all because of how miserable the establishment has made real-life, made it into something worth attempting to perpetually escape…

Make “more sense” lol when ALL Sense has gone out the window… Some contribution guy, keep up the good work. Sorry your senses are malfunctioning. Maybe more money to Ukraine will fix them… (Because that situation makes sense) :thinking: maybe if the world were to make any sense I’d categorize this thing Blizzard is going to ignore “properly”, even though I can’t because they’ve let D1 become “abandon-ware” in their “infinite wisdom”, and the answer is to make all the Diablo games after it not resemble the GOAT at all.

Hopefully they re-secure Diablo one - as a mobile game! That’d probably be like the exact opposite of what I want, right up blizzard’s alley, pissing off people that want them to stop being less than a shadow of their former selves.