No Black Friday Sales 4 Co-op Commanders?

Why is there Black Friday sales on every other game but nothing really for Sc2 except the “Campaign Collection’s”. Which everyone pretty much owns already. I was really hoping for a sale on Co-op Commanders as money is extremely tight atm & was hoping to buy the last 5 Commanders I need, but… not even 1 dollar off, still full price??? Come on Blizz give us a little deal on them at least, since you refuse to add anymore content.


Up until June of last year, I didn’t have any of the campaigns, so you could argue there are always people getting in on those.

Otherwise, my guess is Coop is hardly on sale b/c it’s already about as low of a price you can get? (although I’d like to hear from others who are more-in-the-know)

Yeah, thanks Blizzard for not really offering a Black friday sale on in game content, just trying to get new players for a game they no longer support. Came back from Dreamhack excited to spend some $$ on in game content. Was going to grab some skins, but Blizzard deems those too valuable to offer on sale I guess. Always been on sale before. But hey, I can buy an overpriced hoodie for irl skin.
Note to Blizzard: Please do not screw up the sale to Microsoft.

I feel like there hasn’t been any discount for any of the commanders for the past 3+ years besides the repeat sale on the Nova bundle. It’s probably set on auto at this point.

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I haven’t gotten into Coop as early as others (IIRC, 2016 or 2017? And even then, I only played it a few times a per year back then, gradually ramping up). The only discounts I can recall off the top of my head include…

–Nova and Stukov went on sale for $2.50 each
–Abathur, Swann, and Vorazun were free if they were claimed at specific time windows, with a Twitch Prime account

And that’s not counting the COs who were free with certain purchases, but probably not anymore since Sc2 when free to play…
–Stukov with Sc1 Remastered
–Nova with her campaign
–Vorazun, Karax, Swann, and Abathur with some campaign purchase (HotS and/or LotV?)

So they were far and few to begin with :frowning: Would like to hear if anybody has any detailed/inside info on why COs were never really discounted

This is wishful thinking considering Blizzard has abandoned SC2 so much that they won’t even put in the effort to let people buy stimpacks from the store by default since they were only purchasable on commander releases.


True, they may not be creating any new content, but they’re still paying to keep the servers running so we can actually play co-op. I don’t have the internal figures, but I can’t imagine they’re making much if anything off co-op sales. Sales probably don’t even cover running costs. So rather than complain why not be glad they haven’t gone the way of other companies and just shut down the servers entirely.

I’m really annoyed they stopped making co-op content, but moaning is only going to discourage new players and mean less playing co-op.

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So the question is do we act entitled and rant about not getting a discount, or do we work an hour at minimum wage to pay for a CO?

P.S. I’m not calling anyone out as a ranter, you can decide for yourself which you want to be.

I have a full time job & can barley pay for food & rent atm, sorry not all us have xtra cash, & are on very tight budgets… If you got soo much money can you please buy me “Zeratul & Tychus” Commandors. Just add me & send as a gift, ty.


I was hoping they would put their trash remake WC3 reforged on like 90% off but better luck next year I guess. But I haven’t ever encountered any commander discounts ever except that Nova bundle for covert ops campaign.

I’ve been there too, so I just wait patiently and save up. I saved loads by turning the heat down and cutting back to bare minimum needs while I was out of work.

Depending on where you live there are probably social welfare options like food banks, poverty payments, etc.

They won’t be adding any new commanders anyway. You could start to save like $1 per month and you can buy them both by the last quarter of next year. :smiley:

instead of making an argument for the community, you decide to pick team with a mulit billion dollar company. reconsider, my man!


Always worth remembering that for many it would be a privilege to be able to complain.

Why does saying anything positive mean someone has picked a team? They’ve done loads of horrible things, but charging a few dollars for a co-op commander isn’t one of them. Loads of hating and bashing on Blizz isn’t going to help the community one bit. The recent patches are an example of where some (small) progress can be made by doing something useful.

i’m curious how much are Commanders in the U.S.A.? In my country with all the tax we are paying almost 13 American Dollars. Don’t know why my country has so much tax on in game purchases but its almost more in tax than the actual price of the commander. :frowning:

Ouch, that’s terrible. £5.99 in the UK and it’s only a few more in dollars in the US.

Ditto! It’s $5 USD in the US. :open_mouth:

Yeah, $5 is one thing. I can see why OP’s complaining about $13. :frowning:

I’m not from the U.S. unfortunately but if you’re paying with a credit card in my country it only costs more or less $5 (at least at the time when I bought them) Sucks that your country are such tax hogs that it’s more than doubled the price.