No achievements for prestige mode in co-op

Hi. I was expecting some achievements for ranking up in the commands in prestige.

Kinda weird, but they can add them later. More important for the time being is to balance/revamp the prestiges, along with some masteries.


according to my post Better Prestige system will be... [achievements], some people would be compelled to get them. No one will ever be able to fully enjoy something without some backlash or objections i guess.

true, however, since they never added them with the 5.0 patch, I don’t think they’re planning on adding anymore co-op achievements, hopefully I’m wrong tho…

Speaking of that, if they add some achievements, I would prefer them to be something like “don’t lose a combat unit using Raynor’s Rebel Raider prestige on Hard/Brutal”. That way you can help the player play the prestige properly instead of some generic grinding achievement.

Of course, after some balancing…

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