New Prestige's Achievement

It would be nice if they had prestige Achievement.

They added achievement for level 5-10-15 of every commander. For mastery levels. And even for ascenscion level who brings nothing ecept those achievements.

It would be a little rewards to congrats us to prestiging a character, especially when we want prestige 1 and we prestige max him even if we don’t care about prestige 2 or 3.

Since it doesn’t change gameplay, it shouldn’t be hard and they did it for every levels.

A prestige section in coop achievement that would work like the level section but instead of “Be level 5-10-15 with Raynor”, it would be “Unlock prestige 1-2-3 with Raynor” (maybe a final one if you have all prestige and get him back to 15)

It would also allow to know wich commander other people maxed, wich we could knew before, with the level section, but not anymore, now that levels refer only to p0.

It just a little something that would add some fun to at least collect a little rewards after the hard grind.


Have one called “Prestige Worldwide” when completing all of them.


Yeah, this was brought up before. Several people are interested, myself included.

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It should be focused on the gameplay of the prestige instead of generic grinding “obtain x prestiges”

I’d love a new portrait for unlocking all three of a commander’s prestiges, but I don’t expect it to happen.

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I think it can have both. Would be nice to be added at some point.

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They can work on prestige and still add those achievemnt as they did with everything else. Addin achievement for levels and mastery levels didnt stop them to work on the gameplay of those things.

I’d rather get a new banner, game already has enough potraits in it and they’ve nearly lost value at this point

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