New forum lay out

yeah definitely not liking this lay out.

It’s honestly not that much different from the old, aside from different colours.

The new layout seems to be optimized for QHD and 4k resolution. At resolutions below this, main image looks very large.

the colors and visuals are fine, its the top down bar scrolling with your scrolling that i dont like. Its annoying seeing that.

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I dont even care about that, but the tiny gap between it and the top of my browser is appalling.

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thats what i mean you can see the damn thing and its an eye sore more than anything. It was better left at the top of the page. The colors and graphics are fine other wise. But that damn top down menu sucks. Its not like everyone plays all there games that we need to bar to move. Just leave it at the top of the page like before. They even got the download link in there, like seriously if your coming to the forums for the games, you probably have already downloaded it long before.

I gotta be honest, I agree that the menu bar(s) being separate is hideous. Everything else is fine though.

Dont know if anyone noticed, but they locked that bar in place.

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Oh thank god, I can use the forums again.