New content for co-op

remember that time there was a regular release of new commanders and new missions? and people would guess which new commander was going to be next?

those were some great times


Pepperidge farm remembers the member berries.

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At least there’s the upside of no longer constantly questioning if the end had already come and gone. Though I do miss the freshness of a new CO or map.

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People have continued to do that even now…just that now, we’re pretty sure all guesses will be wrong :cry:

I doubt I’ll have the time to level mastery again, but yeah, getting 1 to 3 new mastery points, but starting your next and then remembering you forgot to allocate those points!

For a new CO, reading through all of the mouse over texts for Top Bar, and on the command card. Also, trying get in a non-Brutal game since everyone’s leveling up the new CO, trying to get in on that :smiley:

For a new mission, I still remember saying “wtf?” a few times before I got the hang of P&P.

Oh well, at least the servers are still up, and we can continue playing what we have now!